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From old school Mississippi to high gain à-la-Gary-Moore, you have all styles of blues covered here. Blues music is often described as the rock guitarists' fast ticket to understanding chord progressions and basic scales - thanks to its simple harmonic structure.


  • Eric Gales Blues Licks

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Solo inspired by the slow blues style of Eric Gales.

    Tags: E major pentatonic, E minor pentatonic, E mixolydian, A mixolydian, Blues licks, Hybrid Picking, bending, following the chords, chord tones, sixths, double stops, turnaround, blues improvisation, blues jam, classic blues, jimi hendrix, john mayer
  • Raking Power

    by Kristofer Dahl

    Bluesy fusion emphasizing the raking technique

    Tags: rake, raking, blues fusion, b5, flat five, pentatonics, twang, C minor, C Pentatonic Minor
  • Minor Blues Licks

    by Guido Bungenstock

    6 licks that will improve your soloing

    Tags: robben ford, bb king, larry carlton, steve Lukather. Neal Schon, Jeff Beck, Guthrie Govan, Joe Bonnamassa, Steve Stevens, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Repeating Licks, G minor, Dorian mode, Minor Pentatonic, Blues Scale, Bending, Vibrato, Legato, Double Stops
  • Laid Back Grooves - Hybrid Picking Etude

    by Diego Budicin

    A great bluesy exercise made to work on your intention and timing while using hybrid picking!

    Tags: Hybrid Picking, Legato, Hammer On, Pull Off, Timing, Feel, Guthrie Govan, Andy Timmons, Nick Johnston, Double Stop, Dynamics, Legato
  • Jogo Blues

    by Javier Aviles

    Traditional Blues Song.

    Tags: JOGO BLUES, Traditional, acoustic, blues, Double Stops, Picking, G Major, Classic Blues
  • Baby Won't You Please Come Home - Traditional Blues

    by Javier Aviles

    How to play the song called "Baby Won't You Please Come Home" from 1919.

    Tags: Baby Won't You Please Come Home, jazz, traditional, C Major, Ray Charles, Bessie Smith, blues, jazz standard, alternate picking, hybrid picking, downpicking
  • Classic Blues Licks: Easy to Advanced

    by Guido Bungenstock

    6 Great Blues Licks that every guitar player should know

    Tags: robben ford, bb king, larry carlton, steve Lukather, Neal Schon, Jeff Beck, Guthrie Govan, Joe Bonnamassa, Steve Stevens, Repeating Licks, A blues, A pentatonic minor, A mixolydian
  • Albert King Style

    by Javier Aviles

    A song in the style of Albert King

    Tags: Albert King, C mixolydian, C blues scale, blues licks, The Velvet Bulldozer, classic blues, riffs, Pentatonic minor, bending, vibrato, power chords
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