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Chord Melody Lessons


  • Add Melodies to Chords

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Add melodies to chords and take your guitar arrangements to the next level!

    Tags: arrangement, chord melodies, arpeggiated chords, chords, rhythm, fingerpicking, C Major, songwriting, arranging, tutorial, how to
  • Emotive Rhythms

    by Diego Budicin

    Put your heart in your playing with this short but intense study of dynamics, whammy bar and chordal control.

    Tags: chords, triads, invertions, let ring, dynamics, Andy Timmons, Radiohead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, C Major
  • Emotional Chord Melodies

    by Diego Budicin

    Emotional vibe track - using chord melodies

    Tags: arpeggios, triads, chords melodies, harmony, Pat Metheny, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Govan, Iron Maiden, D minor
  • Larry Carlton meets John Mayer

    by Diego Budicin

    Fingerpicking and chord melody concepts in a stylistic mashup between two great guitar players coming from different genres!

    Tags: Larry Carlton, John Mayer, Fingerpicking, Legato, Hammer On, Pull Off, Pizzicato, Mark Knopfler, Neo Soul, F Major
  • Open Triads Etude N.2

    by Diego Budicin

    Etude based on open triads - to develop better control of chord melody.

    Tags: Fingerpicking, Pizzicato, Legato, Hammer On/Pull Offs, Chord Melody, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Haydn, Mark Knopfler, John Frusciante, A minor, classical music
  • Fingerpicking Fusion Grooves

    by Diego Budicin

    Rhythm control and jazz chords!

    Tags: Fingerpicking, Pizzicato, Legato, Hammer On/Pull Offs, Chord Melody, John Scofield, John Mayer, Andy Timmons, Larry Carlton, Mateus Asato, Jimi Hendrix, Matteo Mancuso, G minor, Double Stops, Chord shapes, Rhythm control
  • A Princely Etude

    by Chris Harrington

    In this etude we use the harmony from 'Someday My Prince Will Come' to strengthen our upstroke picking.

    Tags: jazz, picking, chords, Martin Taylor, Julian Lage, Bb Major, Walt Disney, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Chord Melody, Chord progression, Rhythm, Arpeggios, Swing, Jazz Standard, Soundtrack, Someday My Prince Will Come
  • Hans Zimmer Style

    by Chris Harrington

    Let's delve into the cinematic world of Hans Zimmer, in the style of the film Inception.

    Tags: hans zimmer, johnny marr, film, cinematic, F dorian, F pentatonic minor, F minor, Soundtrack, Filmscore, Inception, film music
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Golden Oldies

  • Jimi Hendrix Style Lesson

    by Jerry Arcidiacono

    As innovative as Jimi was, his style is often a mix between rhythm and solo. This approch is one of his trademarks, and if you want to use your scales as a springboard for rhythmic ideas, this is for you!

    Tags: chordal melodies, D major, double stops, chords, chord progression, arrangement, arranging, soul, caged, rhythmic ideas, strumming
  • Tommy Emmanuel / Amazing Grace Style

    by Sinisa Cekic

    Christian anthem played in the style of Tommy Emmanuel

    Tags: fingerstyle, chord melody, acoustic guitar, progression, travis picking, chord shapes, cover, arrangement, arpeggiated chords, John Newton
  • Por Eso by Alejandro Pinero

    by Alejandro Pinero

    Today I'll share a song of my own. In this lesson the melody is contained by triads.

    Tags: D major, chords, chord melody, triads, melody, composition, fingerstyle, fingerpicking, groove, jazzy, latin, soul, tasty
  • Swing Series: Estudio Con Swing

    by Gerardo Siere

    Brief etude piece focusing on swing reading writing and hammer-ons with fixed chords.

    Tags: hammer on, fingerpicking, chord shapes, legato, fingerstyle, chord melody, extended chords, fixed chords, piece, rhythm, A major
  • Chord Melody Workout - Dominant 7

    by Stephane Lucarelli

    This lesson covers Drops 2 & Drops 3 voicings for the C7 chords

    Tags: Dominant 7th Chords, 7th voicings, chords, voicings, F Major, chord shapes, fretboard knowledge, fretboard visualization, bossa nova, C Mixolydian, drop 2, drop 3
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