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Golden Oldies

  • Modal Madness pt 4 - 5 String Patterns

    by Zsolt Galambos

    This lesson contains 5 string patterns in Dmin. The picking style shown in this lesson is one of the harder picking excercises.

    Tags: scale runs, patterns, Paul Gilbert, shred, exercise, picking, staccato, D minor, standard D tuning, Buckethead, fast picking
  • Modal Madness

    by Zsolt Galambos

    Time for some modal madness! This exercise is one of the most important for developing speed, stamina and accuracy in alternate picking.

    Tags: Staccato, Alternate picking, AP exercise, A Minor, B Locrian, C Major, D Dorian, E Phrygian, F Lydian, G Mixolydian, speed picking, developing speed, stamina, accuracy, 3 notes per string
  • Pentatonic Workshop Level 1- CAGED Format and Timing Exercises

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    This first part is for the absolute beginner. We will cover: Pentatonic CAGED shapes, exercises, note values and timing.

    Tags: pentatonic, timing, exercise, CAGED, alternate picking, play along, metronome, A minor pentatonic, Note Time Values, rhythm practice, improvisation
  • Pentatonic Workshop Level 5 - Pentatonic Licks 101 Lesson

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    Let's wrap up what we have learned and create a pentatonic solo! This part contains: Pentatonic licks, vibrato & bends, phrasing.

    Tags: A minor pentatonic, soloing, phrasing, vibrato, licks, rock, hard rock, slides, pentatonic licks, bends, bending, phrases
  • Minor vs Major Scales - Beginner

    by Muris Varajic

    Learn transition between Am and A major scale, fingerings and positions, all at beginners level.

    Tags: A minor, A major, alternate picking, melody, scales applied, combining scales, learning the fret-board, Am scale, A major scale, scale positions
  • Funk Skunk Technique 101

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    Funk Skunk 101 tutorial including Right hand strumming, Left hand muting, Funky licks and grooves

    Tags: funk licks, funk tutorial, left hand muting, funky licks, funky grooves, riffings, strumming, strums, B minor pentatonic, skunk, funk, groove
  • Minor vs Major Scales - Intermediate

    by Muris Varajic

    We will be switching between F# minor and F# major scale, using different techniques and phrasings at intermediate level.

    Tags: F# minor, F# major, F# minor, F# major, alternate picking, legato, vibrato, bending, pentatonic scales, arpeggios, combining scales, improvisation, soloing
  • 3 Piece Rock Band Approach

    by Jose Mena

    A one minute jam demonstrating an approach to playing in a 3 piece band scenario.

    Tags: shred, shredding, fast guitars, alternate picking, legato, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, sweep picking, A Dorian Blues, I IV V chord progression, A dorian, riff, riffing, bending, trio, power trio
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