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Extremely Advanced Lessons

Picking reaches and exceeds shred speed, we see the inclusion of harder to play exotic scales with large stretches, and more complex chord voicings, again with large stretchings.


  • Alternate Picking Riffs 2

    by Diego Budicin

    Alternate picking patterns to improve dynamics and overall control. Good rhythm tone starts in your hands!

    Tags: dynamics, alternate picking, downstrokes, upstrokes, staccato, accents, metal, Mark Tremonti, Trivium, Zakk Wylde, Dream Theater, Eddie Van Halen, G minor
  • Kiko Loureiro Licks

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Get into the soul Megadeth's lead guitarist!

    Tags: Lydian, phrasing, Megadeth, Angra, Alternate Picking, Legato, Hybrid Picking, Bending, Vibrato, C lydian, modern progressive, plini, groovy phrases, palm muting, arpeggios, Brazilian guitarist, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Shredding
  • Symphonic Metal Atmospheres

    by Diego Budicin

    Rhythm, dynamics, expression and phrasing in a Symphonic Metal setting.

    Tags: Dream Theater, Nightwish, Avenged Sevenfold, Symphony X, tapping, alternate picking, bending, legato, hammer ons, pull offs, A minor
  • Fusion Ballad

    by Dallton Santos

    Fusion ballad guitar solo from the song Deep by Dallton Santos

    Tags: Greg Howe, Van Halen, Guthrie Govan, Plini, sweep tapping, bend tapping, rock fusion backing track, deep, outside, vibrato, tapping, E Major, G Major
  • Upstroke Metal Patterns

    by Diego Budicin

    By focusing on your upstrokes you will improve your overall picking control!

    Tags: Alternate Picking, metal, upstrokes, picking, groove, timing, dynamics, accents, Megadeth, Metallica, Mark Tremonti, Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wylde, Plini, Thank You Scientist, E minor
  • Symmetrical Soloing

    by Dallton Santos

    Forget about scales or arpeggios - this lesson uses symmetrical ideas, scales & shapes!

    Tags: Allan Holdsworth, Tosin Abasi, Mattias IA Eklundh, symmetry, symmetrical soloing, outside, exotic, jazz fusion, djent, atonal
  • 10 Killer Repeating Rock Licks

    by Guido Bungenstock

    Flashy licks for various circumstances

    Tags: build speed, hand sync, accent shift, shift accents, 5 note patterns, 5 notes, Zakk Wylde, Steve Stevens, Satch tapping, Satriani tapping, open string tapping, Martin Miller, Repeating Licks, two string arpeggio, B maj7 arpeggio, alternate picking arpeggio, G# Minor
  • Creating Tension in a Solo

    by Guido Bungenstock

    Probably the most important & challenging aspect of soloing!

    Tags: question & answer, call & response, dynamics, laidback feel, leaving space, breathing room, jeff beck, B minor
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Golden Oldies

  • Modal Madness pt 4 - 5 String Patterns

    by Zsolt Galambos

    This lesson contains 5 string patterns in Dmin. The picking style shown in this lesson is one of the harder picking excercises.

    Tags: scale runs, patterns, Paul Gilbert, shred, exercise, picking, staccato, D minor, standard D tuning, Buckethead, fast picking
  • Sweep Picking Arpeggios

    by Ian Bushell

    Sweep picking technique with some legato, string skipping, moveable arpeggio shapes and voice leading to make smoother arpeggio changes from one chord to another.

    Tags: legato, string skipping, shred, shredding, voice leading, moveable arpeggio shapes, jason becker, sweeping, sweep, following the chords, yngwie malmsteen, cacophony, D minor
  • Canon Rock Lesson - Funtwo /JerryC Style

    by Trond Vold

    A full-song lesson based on JerryC's Canon Rock.

    Tags: D major, classical piece, arrangement, metal version, metal arrangement, picking, sweep picking, shred, shredding, shredder, power chords, symphonic
  • Rock Ballad Solo

    by Emir Hot

    Rock ballad solo influenced by Europe. Demonstrates how various techniques can be effectively used in a solo that has ballad feel.

    Tags: Europe, alternate picking, legato, arpeggio, bending, tremolo bar licks, vibrato using tremolo bar, tapping, whammy bar, E Phrygian Dominant, A Harmonic Minor, feeling
  • W. A. Mozart - Turkish March

    by Emir Hot

    Famous classical piece arranged in neoclassical style.

    Tags: picking, march, classical piece, neoclassical, a la turka, palm muting, staccato, palm muting, alternate picking, A minor, A harmonic minor
  • Megadeth: Tornado of Souls Solo

    by Daniel Realpe

    There are many techniques going on here like bending, legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, speed picking. Marty's bending style is unique and also the notes he chooses make him very easily recognizable.

    Tags: Marty Friedman, Bending, Legato, Alternate picking, Sweep picking, Speed picking, B minor, B minor pentatonic, B Hirajoshi
  • Pachelbel's Canon in D - Fusion Shred

    by Muris Varajic

    Here we have shuffle/swing feel. Technique wise it contains tapping, alternate picking, hybrid picking, skipping, 2 hand tapping etc.

    Tags: D Major, D mixolydian b6, tapping, picking, skipping, shuffle, two hands, tapped, shred, legato, hammer on, pull off, bend, bending
  • Michael Schenker Style

    by Ben Higgins

    An up-tempo pace to an epic finale in the vein of a MSG classic 'Into The Arena'

    Tags: wah, hammer ons, pull off, legato, vibrato, pentatonic, bending, trills, metal solo, E minor, A mixolydian, F# minor, modulation
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