Guitar Lessons

Funk Lessons

Covers characteristic funk techniques such as scratch/skank - as well as style studies.


  • Fresh Funk Grooves

    by Diego Budicin

    Combine strumming and single note rhythms to build powerful modern funk harmony.

    Tags: Strumming, Rhythms, Harmony, Chord Melody, Alternate Picking, Legato, Hammer On, Pull Off, Vulfpeck, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan, Nile Rodgers, Mark Lettieri, E minor
  • Daft Funk

    by Diego Budicin

    Funk strumming patterns over a sequence of two chords in the style of Daft Punk.

    Tags: Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers, funk, strumming, groove, 16 notes, Pop Funk, D minor
  • Funk Rock Atmoshperes

    by Diego Budicin

    Sequence of grooves based on the C# Dorian mode!

    Tags: modern fusion, Dorian, Modes, Alternate Picking, Groove, Timing, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan, C# Dorian
  • Big Band Funk Grooves

    by Diego Budicin

    Work on your funk guitar skills in a big band context.

    Tags: tower of power, snarky puppy, mark lettieri, greg howe, alternate picking, palm muting, stopped notes, ghost notes, rhythms, funk, fusion, F# Blues
  • Rhythmic Funk Development

    by Diego Budicin

    Extend your rhythmic ideas over a static chord progression.

    Tags: funk, strumming, slide, alternate picking, palm muting, fusion, G minor, Greg Howe, Cory Wong, Nile Rodgers
  • Pop Funk Harmonies

    by Diego Budicin

    Funky chord progression to boost your timing and control.

    Tags: Strumming, Alternate Picking, Funk, Pop, Harmony, John Mayer, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, C# minor
  • Modern Fusion Guitar Licks III

    by Guido Bungenstock

    5 cool fusion phrases to improve your soloing!

    Tags: Chromatics, D Minor, D Minor Pentatonic, E Altered scale, A Altered scale
  • Jam School: Hot Fusion

    by Kristofer Dahl

    I invite you to travel deep into my head, and explore what goes on in my mind when improvising.

    Tags: Enhanced blues, 6ths, chromatics, adjacent positioning, chordal lead, melodic extensions, harmonic complexity, functional placeholders, outside legato, climactic tension, note selection, major 6th, dorian, suggestive targeting, non-dissonant tension, motif development, rhythmic displacement, intervallic alteration, expressive restraint, C# minor
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Golden Oldies

  • Introduction to the Mixolydian Scale - Tying All Together

    by David Wallimann

    In this lesson, we'll learn how to create long Mixolydian scale runs over a Dominant chord.

    Tags: C Mixolydian, D Mixolydian, fast licks, legato, improvisation, dominant, phrases, alternate picking, funky licks, arpeggios, dominant arpeggio, legato
  • Funk Rhythm Lesson

    by Muris Varajic

    This first gmc funk rhythm lesson includes: B Dorian - funk feel groove - octave licks - palm muting - left hand muting - cool chords for funk and much more. You will also find great patterns for blues...

    Tags: funky, scratching, funk chords, B dorian, triads, funk groove, chords, octave chords, palm muting, left hand muting, picking, funk feel groove, blues patterns
  • Funky/Disco Rhythm Guitar

    by Adrian Figallo

    Let's give some groove to the right hand!

    Tags: john frusciante, james brown, red hot chili peppers, strumming, dave navarro, rhcp, funk grooves, A Blues, D Blues, triads, timing, cory wong
  • Jamiroquai Style

    by Alejandro Pinero

    Lesson based in the style of this British funk band.

    Tags: E minor, E Phrygian, strumming, phrasing, funk groove, clean tone, rhythm, minor keys, phrygian mode, Maroon 5, groovy, fingerstyle, fingerpicking
  • Triads & Comping

    by Stephane Lucarelli

    Triads are very useful and ideal for comping - easy to finger, for chordal enrichment and great to create some melodic movement in your comping.

    Tags: rhythm, scratching, C Major, C Major triad, G Major triad, F Major triad, strumming, funk groove, chordal enrichment, voicings, melodic movement
  • Slapping Technique for Guitar

    by Stephane Lucarelli

    Various progressive exercises to master the Slap & Pop technique on the guitar.

    Tags: slap, E dorian, funk, percussive, slapping, popping, slap guitar, funk, pop, bass technique, exercises, workout, training
  • Wah-Wah Beginner Exercises

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    We are going to cover the basics of wah wah playing on the guitar. This lesson contains wah wah pedal use, right leg exercises, coordination of hands and right leg.

    Tags: effect pedal, coordination, B minor pentatonic, phrasing, pentatonic solo, staccato, exercise, timing, independence, using pedals
  • Funky Chords

    by Joe Kataldo

    A nice and tight funk with some fresh chords.

    Tags: A dorian, strumming, chord, funk chords, Small Chords Fragments, chord progression, timing, groove, comping, groovy, right hand training
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