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Hard Rock Guitar Lessons

Turn up the gain and start riffing with classic hard rock lessons.


  • Hard Rock Style Rhythms #2

    by Diego Budicin

    Improve your dynamics and timing with this heavy rock progression

    Tags: Hard Rock Rhythms, Alternate Picking, Hammer On, Legato, Timing Control, Iron Maiden, Andy Timmons, Dream Theater, E minor
  • Melodic Hard Rock Phrasing

    by Diego Budicin

    Phrasing over a basic chord progression, using various techniques and scales. Improve your overall timing and scale visualisation!

    Tags: Alternate Picking, Downstrokes, Sixteen notes, Modern Rock Phrasing, C minor
  • 12-8 Rock Patterns

    by Diego Budicin

    A rhythm progression based on 12/8 time signature - improve your picking and timing control.

    Tags: strumming, alternate picking, Palm Muting, Slide, Legatos, Megadeth, Metallica, Mark Tremonti, Dream Theater, A minor, 12/8, A dorian, Groove, Riffing
  • Dann Huff (Giant) Style

    by Guido Bungenstock

    Dann Huff's style and phrasing during his time with the band Giant.

    Tags: Dann Huff, Giant, steve Lukather, Neal Schon, Steve Stevens, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Repeating Licks, Alternate Picking, F# aeolian, F# minor, shred
  • Marc Bolan Style

    by Javier Aviles

    A song in the style of Marc Bolan.

    Tags: marc bolan, get it on, T Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Glam Rock, Rock and roll rhythm, strumming, downpicking, E major, chords, riffs
  • AC/DC Malcolm Young Style

    by Guido Bungenstock

    Typical riffs in the style of the great rhythm player Malcolm Young

    Tags: Malcolm young, acdc, angus young, rock, rock'n'roll, rhythm guitar, riff, ZZ Top, AC/DC, alternate picking, B Mixolydian
  • 80s Made Easy

    by Darius Wave

    Fancy 80s guitar playing!

    Tags: 80's rock, tapping, whammy bar, pinch harmonics, palm muting, E minor, E dorian, glam rock, hair rock, rock rhythm, tapping
  • Jam School: Pentatonic Jam Licks

    by Kristofer Dahl

    Learn six killer licks that will serve as the basis for your jamming!

    Tags: pentatonic, rock licks, jamming, improv, improvisation, bends, bending, A minor, A Pentatonic minor, hair rock, 80's rock licks
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Golden Oldies

  • Eddie Van Halen Style

    by Muris Varajic

    EVH trademarks - from his tapping licks, legato, use of whammy bar, and his unique tremolo picking.I also added a few natural and tapped harmonics, just to get the whole picture. :)

    Tags: open chords, tapping licks, legato, use of whammy bar, tremolo picking, natural, tapped, harmonics, EVH
  • 80's Hard Rock #1

    by Jonathan Burgos

    A big impact on the modern art of guitar: 80's Hard Rock

    Tags: Mr Big, phrases, Legato, Palm Muting, Alternate Picking, Bending, Vibrato, Slide, GNR, Guns and roses, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi
  • Guns N' Roses: November Rain (1st solo)

    by Zsolt Galambos

    Slash shows us how to do a solo in the "less-is-more" style. We will learn one of Slash's most famous solos.

    Tags: Slash, A minor, A minor pentatonic, GNR, blues licks, phrasing, bending, vibratos, hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, standard Eb tuning
  • Hard Rock Licks

    by Piotr Kaczor

    In the style of hard rock bands like AC/DC. Contains bending, slides, pretty strong vibrato, tapping.

    Tags: AC/DC, rock, licks, bending, slides, pretty strong vibrato, tapping, A minor, tapped, rock techniques, energetic, call & response, pentatonic phrasing
  • Pentatonic Patterns in Five Positions

    by Emir Hot

    Five useful patterns in A minor pentatonic. Great exercise for both hands.

    Tags: A minor pentatonic, zakk wylde, pentatonic shred, rock licks, metal licks, training, hands sync, blues rock, ozzy osbourne, alternate picking, pentatonic sequences
  • Steve Vai Rhythm: Whitesnake Era

    by Jonathan Burgos

    Inspired by the album Slip Of The Tongue

    Tags: Slip of the tongue, rhythm, hard rock, Legato, Alternate picking, Bending, Palm muting, B minor, riffing, advanced rhythm, Vai, downpicking
  • Rocker Soloing Techniques

    by Lucio Antolini

    We will study a guitar solo inspired in Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Van Halen and others. It contains a lot of legatos, tapping and pinch harmonics.

    Tags: Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Van Halen, Major Pentatonic, Rock Solo, legato, tapping, pinch harmonics, bending, vibrato, F# pentatonic minor, A Major Pentatonic
  • Super Hard Rock

    by Jonathan Burgos

    Let's combine influences of Mr. Big, Motley Crue, Velvet Revolver, Jeff Scott Soto, Danger Danger and Gun's & Roses.

    Tags: hard rock, 80's, riffing, soloing, phrasing, blues scale, Mr. Big, Motley Crue, Velvet Revolver, Jeff Scott Soto, Danger Danger, GNR
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