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Golden Oldies

  • Country Picking - Advanced

    by Muris Varajic

    Techniques involved: alternate picking, "chicken" picking, use of open strings, bends.

    Tags: alternate picking, hybrid picking, use of open strings, bends, A dorian, A Mixolydian, A Major, speed picking, fast picking, bending, A Mixolydian, A major, A major pentatonic
  • Cookin Country Licks

    by Mitch Roberts

    A standard country progression packed full of killer riffs, some great improvisation tips and the theory that ties it all together

    Tags: A Major, Chicken Picking, Hybrid Picking, Double Stop, Open String, Licks, Country Licks, I IV V, Albert Lee, John 5 country
  • Fast Country Solo

    by Muris Varajic

    Alternate picking, pull-offs and hammer-ons, hybrid picking, "chicken" picking, bends and double bends, use of open strings, even "fake" steel guitar technique. Hop inside!

    Tags: alternate picking, pull-offs, hammer-ons , hybrid picking, chicken picking, bends, double bends, open strings, fake steel guitar technique, Albert Lee, G Major, G minor Pentatonic
  • Cookin Country Licks : Second Helping

    by Mitch Roberts

    This is a etude featuring great open string and double stop licks broken down one by one and explained.

    Tags: Double Stop, Open String, Licks, Riffs, Chicken Pickin, A blues, A Major Pentatonic, Fast Country, Telecaster, bending, country rock
  • Hybrid Madness

    by Juan Cortes

    An effective technique used by guitar masters such as Brett Garsed, Steve Trovato and Danny Gatton among others.

    Tags: E minor, country, fusion, brett garsed, steve trovato, danny gatton, hybrid picking, triads, arpeggios, wide intervals, fusion patterns, string skipping
  • Chicken Picking Madness - Upper Intermediate

    by Mate Nagy

    Wylde / Kotzen inspired.

    Tags: Zakk Wylde, Richie Kotzen, Country bends, Legato, Bluesy phrases, Chicken picking, A blues, double stops, hybrid picking
  • Lead Hybrid Picking

    by Stephane Lucarelli

    Hybrid picking & legato for lead playing

    Tags: legato, greg howe, lead, modern guitar techniques, G Major, A dorian, hybrid picking, Tom Quayle, fusion guitar, fusion licks, dorian mode
  • Chicken Picking Madness - Beginner

    by Mate Nagy

    Chicken Picking rhythm playing.

    Tags: Lynyrd Skynyrd, A minor, A pentatonic minor, hybrid picking, chords, riffing, groove, blues rock, southern rhythms, open chords
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