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Classic rock through to video games! Here you will find a wide selection of lessons both "in the style of" of and authentic famous songs.


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  • Difficulty5

    Eddie Van Halen Style

    by Muris Varajic

    EVH trademarks - from his tapping licks, legato, use of whammy bar, and his unique tremolo picking.I also added a few natural and tapped harmonics, just to get the whole picture. :)

    Tags: open chords, tapping licks, legato, use of...
  • Difficulty6

    Steve Lukather Style Lesson

    by Muris Varajic

    In this Steve Lukather style lesson, Muris gives you tone and feel that will last for days! Contains chromatic passes, chords outside of key, modulation, alternate picking, tapping and tapped harmonics, legato, bends, use of whammy bar, wide left hand vibrato.

    Tags: Toto, Luke, Steve Lukather, chromatic passes,...
  • Difficulty3

    Jimi Hendrix Meets John Frusciante

    by Adrian Figallo

    Learn lead influenced by two of the greats

    Tags: jimi hendrix, john frusciante, red hot chili...
  • Difficulty7

    Mark Knopfler Style Lesson

    by Muris Varajic

    Muris explains some licks that Mark Knopfler has been playing quite often, all covered with his so unique "finger picking style". Lay the pinky and ring fingers just below strings and do some popping with rest of them.

    Tags: finger picking, popping, Mark Knopfler, dire...
  • Difficulty5

    Steve Lukather Soloing Style

    by Jonathan Burgos

    Let's analyze this pioneer of modern guitar.

    Tags: Steve Lukather, Toto, Tambu,
  • Difficulty2

    John Frusciante Style Lesson

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    I think that he chooses the best notes at every moment. He has not a incredible technique but he creates beautiful melodies in every solo, and for me, this is the most important thing. I don't care if you play millions of notes in a second or one note, I just want to hear beautiful music.

    Tags: melodies, John Frusciante, RHCP, Red Hot...
  • Difficulty4

    Chuck Berry Style

    by Lucio Antolini

    This lesson includes some of the most popular Chuck Berry "trademarked" licks.

    Tags: Chuck Berry, Rock, Licks, Blues,...
  • Difficulty4

    Jimi Hendrix Style Lesson

    by Jerry Arcidiacono

    As innovative as Jimi was, his style is often a mix between rhythm and solo. This approch is one of his trademarks, and if you want to use your scales as a springboard for rhythmic ideas, this is for you!

    Tags: chordal melodies,
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