Guitar Lessons

Jazz Rhythm Lessons

Four note chords and walking bass lines.


  • Swing Comping

    by Gerardo Siere

    Five swing comping patterns in Freddy Green style, featuring several techniques to approach to this style.

    Tags: Freddy Green, E minor, chords, chord changes, rhythm, shifting chords, Swing Jazz, walking bass, 30s, clean tone, chord progression, workout, fingerstyle
  • Latin Jazz Rhythms

    by Joe Kataldo

    A rhythm study based around a minor II-V-I in C, presenting five different rhythms examples that can be used and adapted also to other songs in this style.

    Tags: Latin, jazz, rhythm, comping, II-V-I, Bossa, nova, C minor, chord progression, fingerstyle, fingerpicking, Brazilian, Brazil
  • Jazz Guitar Comping

    by Joe Kataldo

    The rhythm study presents several comping examples in the key of C major, based around a II-V-I.

    Tags: rhythm, II-V-I, accompanying, chord progression, fingerstyle, jazz grooves, jazz chords, C major, chord shapes, extended chords

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