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  • Phrygian Metal Grooves

    by Diego Budicin

    Develop your rhythm control and Power Chord visualisation, using a Phrygian flavour.

    Tags: Strumming, Power Chords, Inversions, Triads, Mark Tremonti, Trivium, Zakk Wylde, Dream Theater
  • Power Chord Control

    by Diego Budicin

    Make your rhythm guitar sound massive with this tight chord progression.

    Tags: Power Chords, Alternate Picking, Downstrokes, Sixteen notes, Heavy Metal, Ac/DC, Iron Maiden, Alter Bridge, Andy Timmons, D minor, Strumming, Muting, Legato
  • Death Metal Riffs

    by Diego Budicin

    Alternate Picking, Power chords and rhythmic challenges - improve your technique as well as your timing control!

    Tags: Alternate Picking, Downstrokes, Sixteen notes, Death Metal Riffs, Arch Enemy, Exodus, Periphery, Dream Theater, Timing Control, Eb minor, Strumming, Legato, Slide.
  • Babymetal

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Japanese Idol band.

    Tags: babymetal, kawaii metal, idol, j-pop, japanese metal, metal band, palm muting, riffing, death metal, speed metal, kawaii, girlband, B Minor, B Phrygian Major
  • A Perfect Circle

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Super group formed in 1999 by guitarist Billy Howerdel and Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan.

    Tags: A Perfect Circle, Tool, Alternative Rock, Drop C#, Riffing, Art Rock, Progressive Metal, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor, Josh Freese, Billy Howerdel, C# minor
  • Deftones Style #2

    by Darius Wave

    Essential riffs and harmonies in the style of Deftones.

    Tags: Deftones, Stephen Carpenter, Change, Minerva, Bored, E Major, E Phrygian, E minor, E harmonic minor, chords, riffing, alternative metal
  • Static Harmony - Developing Metal Phrasing

    by Diego Budicin

    Modal phrasing ideas developed on a static metal progression.

    Tags: Modal Phrasing, Diminished Scale, Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, Hybrid Picking, C blues, C minor, C harmonic minor, C melodic minor, C half whole scale, C Mixolydian b6 minor
  • Asking Alexandria Style

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Covering the guitar playing and composing style of Asking Alexandria.

    Tags: Asking Alexandria, Post-Hardcore, New Metal, Bring me the horizon, Ben Bruce, Metal Riffing, E minor, Rhythm, Metalcore, Palm Muting, Chord arpeggios
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Golden Oldies

  • Black Stone Cherry Style

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Pentatonic riffing, dropped D & C tuning, Zakk Wylde Style licks, fast bluesy licks & strong vibrato are some of the most important characteristics of this band's guitars.

    Tags: southern metal, D minor, pentatonic licks, Zakk Wylde, Pride & Glory, Black Label Society, riffing, Palm Muting, Alternate Picking, Bending, Sweep Picking, Legato, Tapping, drop D, dropped D tuning
  • Metal Metrics 1

    by Cosmin Lupu

    Building modern metal breakdowns, riffs, and phrasing.

    Tags: Riff, Modern Metal, breakdown, soilwork, meshuggah, a day to remember, drop C, modern riffing, power chords, C minor, downpicking, alternate picking
  • Love Me

    by Kristofer Dahl

    Kris is back! Monster lesson covering heavy rhythms, crazy/exotic leads and strategies for originality.

    Tags: Rammstein, Nightwish, opera, drop d, harmonic minor, F# Harmonic minor, original song, downpicking, power chords, industrial metal, shred, alternate picking, singing
  • Southern Metal Solo

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Bands like Black Stone Cherry, Black Label Society and Pride & Glory. This time we will also include other rocker bands with a "Stoner" influence like Corrosion of Conformity, Spiritual Beggars and Down.

    Tags: stoner metal, D minor, drop D, dropped D tuning, Black label society, Corrosion of Conformity, Down, Spiritual beggars, BLS, COC, D pentatonic minor, D blues scale, Legato, Bending, Chicken picking, Vibrato, Pinched harmonics
  • Muse Style Lesson

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Gabriel Leopardi presents a lesson inspired by the metal band Muse. Contains different 16th note riffs that are a good exercises to improve your rhythmic abilities.

    Tags: Muse, metal, rhythm guitar
  • Zakk Wylde Style Pinch Harmonics

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Find out how they are generated with extreme close-ups on my right hand and different riffs with harmonies for you to practice and nail this technique!

    Tags: pinch, pinch harmonics, harmonics, artificial harmonics
  • Him Style: Love Metal

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    This lesson is useful for beginners that want to play metal but also to intermediate or advanced player that wants to add more ideas for guitar arranging and composition.

    Tags: A minor, Finland, Gothic, power metal, arrangement, arranging, gothic rock, gothic metal, melody, Mikko Linde Lindström, clean arpeggios, 2 guitars
  • Avenged Sevenfold Style

    by Lian Gerbino

    Influenced by 'Afterlife' from Avenged Sevenfold.

    Tags: ax7, metalcore, afterlife, E minor, riff, riffing, progressive metal, standard Eb, Synyster Gates, power chords, legato, tapping, slide
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