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Palm muting, downpicking, advanced power chords and much more.


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Golden Oldies

  • Extreme Inspector Gadget

    by Lian Gerbino

    The Great Inspector Gadget has another card under his sleeve! He has fallen into the Extreme Metal Style.

    Tags: series, cartoon, metal, growling, funny, Standard Eb tuning, alternate picking, tv show, soundtrack, palm muting, riff, riffing, arrangement, E minor
  • Basic Metal Rhythm Guitar

    by Marcus Siepen

    Basic rhythm metal guitar, suitable for beginners.

    Tags: riffing, riffs, power chords, palm muting, E minor, downpicking, muted, classic metal groove, galloping, power metal, heavy metal
  • Zakk Wylde Style Pinch Harmonics

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Find out how they are generated with extreme close-ups on my right hand and different riffs with harmonies for you to practice and nail this technique!

    Tags: artificial harmonics, D minor, drop D, dropped D tuning, downpicking, palm muting, judas priest, riffing, riffs, black label society, Ozzy
  • Picking Exercise

    by Trond Vold

    We are going to take a look at how to improve and tighten up the picking. The goal here is to PICK every note!

    Tags: picking, economy picking, alternate picking, palm muting, riff, riffing, power metal, right hand, triplets, E minor, Open E string riffing
  • Open Strings Riffing

    by Ramiro Delforte

    This techniques opens up for a new style of riffing.

    Tags: D minor, legato, Riffing, classic rock, metal riff, country, Open Strings, hammer on, pull off, groove, timing
  • Bebop & Blues in Metal

    by Lale Nikic

    A song-like form of a lesson that has all the parts that are needed for one metal song, but in shorter version. We will cover techniques needed to play this piece, and music theory behind it. Bebop and blues SCALE usage is featured in this lesson. There is a small lead section as well.

    Tags: metal riffing, d standard tuning, bebop, downpicking, alternate picking, D Phrygian, D Locrian, dominant bebop, A# Dominant Bebop, D blues, D minor, blues scale, bebop scale, thrash metal, speed metal, composition
  • Zakk Wylde Style Riffs

    by Zsolt Galambos

    Low tuned guitar rhythm in the style of Zakk Wylde, with pinched harmonics.

    Tags: Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, pinched harmonics, riffs, rhythms, standard D tuning, downpicking, palm muting, riffing, harmonics, southern metal, E blues
  • World Set On Fire

    by Emir Hot

    This piece is from the song called "World Set On Fire" from my album "Sevdah Metal". I played intro riff, chorus, solo and the outro riff. This can improve your riffing feel, alternate picking and eastern trills.

    Tags: sevdah metal, riffing, picking, trills, metal, F# Phrygian, riff, chorus, solo, outro riff, riff, fast licks, speed picking, Phrygian Dominant, Eastern sounding, harmonic minor
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