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  • 20 Tone Tips

    by Darius Wave

    "Must know" tips for creating your own, perfect tone.

    Tags: tone tips, perfect tips, vst tone, tweaking and amp, miking cab, reaper, ableton, cubase, lextac, sm57, room acoustics, studio monitors, guitar pick, guitar cable, buzz, clipping, metal tone, palm muting, double tracking, tone & gear
  • 20 Quick Tips

    by Darius Wave

    A package of tips that might seem obvious for professionals, but not for beginners.

    Tags: beginner, bending, tapping, right hand mechanics, speed playing, vibrato, tremolo, unwanted noise, pick grip, string skipping, broken strings, practice, guitar picks, raking, guitar storing, guitar tips, guitar secrets, how to
  • Ben vs Gabriel

    by GMC Community

    Instructor plays instructor : Ben Higgins and Gabriel Leopardi

    Tags: Ben Higgins, Gabriel Leopardi, Instructor Plays Instructor
  • Adjusting Your Guitars Intonation

    by Marcus Siepen

    I will show you how to check and adjust your guitar's intonation.

    Tags: intonation, string action, new strings, calibration, luthier, setting up, guitar set, guitar setting, tuning, changing strings
  • Bosnian Instructor Plays Bosnian Instructor

    by GMC Community

    Emir plays Muris and Muris plays Emir - does it get any cooler? Not on this planet!

    Tags: muris, emir, extreme neo-classic, Vinnie Moore
  • Changing Pickups

    by Marcus Siepen

    A lesson about how to change pickups in your guitar.

    Tags: pickups, guitar setting up, gear, guitar tone, guitar electronics
  • Where is Santa? - GMC Music Video

    by GMC Community

    Christmas music video for GMC community by Lian Gerbino, Garbiel Leopardi & Luciana Segovia.

    Tags: christmas, community, Lian Gerbino, Garbiel Leopardi, Luciana Segovia, Where is Santa, original song
  • Gear Tutorial Series - Marshall TSL601

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    In this tutorial we will cover nice little mean all tube combo - Marshall TSL601, packed with features, it is a good choice for both gigging and rehearsals, as for home use as well.

    Tags: gear, tutorial, marshall, tsl601, tube, combo, amp, fx loop, amps, tube amp, how to choose an amp
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