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Spoken lessons, one-on-one style to get the live tuition feel.


  • 20 Beginner Tips

    by Darius Wave

    Beginners - come and see what the professionals do!

    Tags: sound like pro, beginner secrets, essentials, holding the guitar, holding the pick, unwanted noises, guitar tuning, economize movements, effective technique, fretting the notes, string bending, intonation, changint strings, tone controls, picking, chord strumming, guitar choice
  • 30 Beginner Blues Riffs

    by Chris Harrington

    Mix 'n match - various classic blues riffs!

    Tags: blues licks, blues classic, E blues, E blues scale, dominant chords, blues rhythm, blues chords, turnaround, downpicking, strumming, SRV, dominant arpeggios, double stops, sixths, phrasing, Pentatonic minor, hybrid picking, blues solo, 12 bars blues, call & response, tutorial
  • Beginner Strumming Patterns

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Learn basic strumming patterns which you can use when playing chord songs and jamming.

    Tags: beginner strumming, strumming patterns, chord rhythms, chords, rhythm training, playing songs, strum, chord songs, strumming
  • Holding The Guitar & Basic Tone Settings

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Lesson on how to hold a guitar and tweak basic amp settings.

    Tags: holding the guitar, guitar playing positions, how to tweak the amp, guitar tone settings, first day with guitar, guitar amp
  • Beat Basics 2

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Learn how to count and play 16th notes as well as 8th note triplets.

    Tags: 16th notes, 8th note triplets, triplets, counting notes, clapping, finding the beat, timing basics, how to play 16th notes, how to play 8th note triplets, timing, rhythm control, timing control
  • How To Tune A Guitar

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Learn how to tune the guitar using a guitar tuner.

    Tags: how to tune, tuning, guitar tuning, how to tune the guitar, standard guitar tuning, electronic guitar tuner
  • Cheating Versions Of Common Chords

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Learn the easy versions of commonly hard chords.

    Tags: guitar chords, easy version of chords, easy F major shape, chords for beginners, learning chords, playing easy songs, first steps
  • Palm Muting Technique

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Learn how to play the palm muting technique.

    Tags: palm muting, how to play palm muting, beginners, how to, palm, muted strumming, ghost notes, downpicking, power chords, rock riff, rock rhythm
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Golden Oldies

  • Pentatonic Workshop Level 5 - Pentatonic Licks 101 Lesson

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    Let's wrap up what we have learned and create a pentatonic solo! This part contains: Pentatonic licks, vibrato & bends, phrasing.

    Tags: A minor pentatonic, soloing, phrasing, vibrato, licks, rock, hard rock, slides, pentatonic licks, bends, bending, phrases
  • Funk Skunk Technique 101

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    Funk Skunk 101 tutorial including Right hand strumming, Left hand muting, Funky licks and grooves

    Tags: funk licks, funk tutorial, left hand muting, funky licks, funky grooves, riffings, strumming, strums, B minor pentatonic, skunk, funk, groove
  • RHCP Style Lesson + Sound Tutorial

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    First we start of with legendary John Frusciante grooves, and then we go to the part where we actually learn how to emulate his sound and a couple of great mixing tricks in order to achieve that genuine "Stadium Arcadium" sound.

    Tags: john frusciante, rock, funk, mixing, marshall, strumming, strums, muted strums, chords, triads, riff, riffing, groove, funk grooves, guitar tone, sound, bending, rock licks, Intervals, Syncopation, B minor
  • First Steps 8 - Striking a Chord

    by Andrew Cockburn

    In this lesson we learn the basics of open chords and how to play them.

    Tags: basic chords, Hey Jude, The Beatles, open chords, tutorial, theory, harmony, strumming, changing chords, C major, C major chord, F major chord, G dominant chord, chord notation
  • Warming Up with Marcus Siepen

    by Marcus Siepen

    Welcome to my first lesson here on GMC. Todays topic is warming up, I will show you what I usually do to warm myself up before a show or recording and give you some ideas about possible variations that might make things a bit more interesting to play. You will come across lots of chromatic runs, scale fragments and a lot of alternate picking.

    Tags: chromatic runs, scale fragments, alternate picking, Blind Guardian, warm up, exercises, practice
  • Improvising Workshop - Level 1

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    Course designed to help you understand and boost your improvising skills. From a complete beginner to advanced concepts - a valuable tool for every musician. This is the first lesson in which we are focusing on how to define improvisation and C major chord triad (within C major key).

    Tags: improvisation, workshop, c major, triad, root notes, chord triad, following the chords, jamming, jam, how to jam, soloing, playing over chords, playing over chord progressions, concepts, improvise
  • All Kristofer Dahl Ultimate-Guitar Lessons

    by Kristofer Dahl

    All of Kristofer's lessons ("Shred Masterclass")in one place.

    Tags: UG, Ultimate-guitar, shred masterclass, Kristofer Dahl, Mr Guitartube, shred guitar, shredding
  • Middle Eastern Lead

    by David Wallimann

    We'll create a Middle Eastern sounding lead with the use of the Phrygian dominant scale. I also included some detailed spoken explanations for your convenience and all the examples are recorded over a click.

    Tags: Middle East, lead, theory, C Phrygian Dominant, vibrato, phrasing, legato, oriental, exotic, fusion, Steve Vai, world music
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