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  • Alternate Picking Riffs 2

    by Diego Budicin

    Alternate picking patterns to improve dynamics and overall control. Good rhythm tone starts in your hands!

    Tags: dynamics, alternate picking, downstrokes, upstrokes, staccato, accents, metal, Mark Tremonti, Trivium, Zakk Wylde, Dream Theater, Eddie Van Halen, G minor
  • Extended Chords Rock Harmonies

    by Diego Budicin

    80s style rock rhythm: Dynamics & exercises

    Tags: Rhythms, Rock, Extensions, Harmonies, Polyrhythms, Iron Maiden, Steve Vai, Mr Big, Metallica, D minor
  • Hard Rock Style Rhythms #2

    by Diego Budicin

    Improve your dynamics and timing with this heavy rock progression

    Tags: Hard Rock Rhythms, Alternate Picking, Hammer On, Legato, Timing Control, Iron Maiden, Andy Timmons, Dream Theater, E minor
  • Lemmy's Legacy I - Punk & Roll

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    The Punk and Rock 'n roll side of Lemmy!

    Tags: motorhead, lemmy, punk, punk rock, guitar riff, riffing, soloing, rock solo, licks, rhythm, metal, speed metal, composition, rock, a minor, rock and roll, heavy metal, blues scale, A blues minor
  • 12-8 Rock Patterns

    by Diego Budicin

    A rhythm progression based on 12/8 time signature - improve your picking and timing control.

    Tags: strumming, alternate picking, Palm Muting, Slide, Legatos, Megadeth, Metallica, Mark Tremonti, Dream Theater, A minor, 12/8, A dorian, Groove, Riffing
  • Marc Bolan Style

    by Javier Aviles

    A song in the style of Marc Bolan.

    Tags: marc bolan, get it on, T Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Glam Rock, Rock and roll rhythm, strumming, downpicking, E major, chords, riffs
  • AC/DC Malcolm Young Style

    by Guido Bungenstock

    Typical riffs in the style of the great rhythm player Malcolm Young

    Tags: Malcolm young, acdc, angus young, rock, rock'n'roll, rhythm guitar, riff, ZZ Top, AC/DC, alternate picking, B Mixolydian
  • Airbourne Style

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Rhythm & Solo covering the style of this powerfull Hard Rock band from Australia.

    Tags: Airbourne, AC/DC, Angus Young, Hard Rock, Groove, Rhythm, Riffing, Pentatonic Scale, Rock Licks, Rock Solo, Power Chords, Bending, F# minor
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Golden Oldies

  • Eddie Van Halen Style

    by Muris Varajic

    EVH trademarks - from his tapping licks, legato, use of whammy bar, and his unique tremolo picking.I also added a few natural and tapped harmonics, just to get the whole picture. :)

    Tags: open chords, tapping licks, legato, use of whammy bar, tremolo picking, natural, tapped, harmonics, EVH, D minor, D mixolydian
  • Open Chords Rock Rhythm

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Gabriel Leopardi presents a rhythm lesson in the style of Poison, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Buckcherry and many other hard/glam rock bands. This lesson is suited for beginner/intermediate players.

    Tags: Poison, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Buckcherry, glam rock, hard rock, 80, power chords, hard rock grooves, arranging, arrangement, rock style, comping, strumming, riff, riffing, A minor, A pentatonic minor
  • Los Ramones

    by Adrian Figallo

    We will be playing hard, mean and fast, this is the Johnny Ramone school.

    Tags: E major, johnny ramone, joey ramone, dee dee ramone, power chords, strumming, easy, punk rock, hard, only downstrokes, punky, classic punk, power chords shifting, comping
  • Skate Punk

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Skate Punk lesson based on the style of bands like The Offspring, Strung Out, NOFX and many more.

    Tags: Offspring, Riffing, Melodic Hardcore, Pop Punk, G# minor, Skate Punk, Punk Rock, Rhythm, power chords, octave chords, octave melodies, strumming, palm muting, alternate picking
  • Pumping Rock

    by Joe Kataldo

    A fast driving rock composition, mainly rhythm guitar, with a small solo in the end. The lesson concentrate on the use of palm muting and open string in a creative way, building a three part mini song.

    Tags: Fast rock, rhythm guitar, palm muting, downpicking, power chords, riffing, riff, E minor, open strings riff, pentatonic solo, rocker licks
  • Satch Style

    by Piotr Kaczor

    Let's play some whammy / wah stuff!

    Tags: Joe Satriani, D minor, E minor, riffing, soloing, palm muting, vibrato, bending, harmonics, whammy tricks, wah wah, power chords, lead guitar techniques
  • Steve Vai Rhythm: Whitesnake Era

    by Jonathan Burgos

    Inspired by the album Slip Of The Tongue

    Tags: Slip of the tongue, rhythm, hard rock, Legato, Alternate picking, Bending, Palm muting, B minor, riffing, advanced rhythm, Vai, downpicking
  • Muted Strings Rhythm Guitar

    by Adrian Figallo

    How to spice up the groove using muted strings!

    Tags: muted strings, strumming, open chords, hard rock, groove, rhythm, easy, riff, riffing, A blues, muted strum, rhythm, timing, energy, comping
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