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Sweep Picking Lessons

Often described as the most difficult shred technique - you will find the lessons to get you started here.


  • Alien Patterns

    by Dallton Santos

    An exercise I do before shows to warm up for technical playing.

    Tags: warm up, symmetrical solo, advanced guitar exercises sweep picking, Symmetrical Scale, warming up, buckethead, bumblefoot, sweep picking, economy picking, weird, freak guitar
  • Masters of Sweeping

    by Ben Higgins

    An epic journey into sweep picking, looking at the styles of three of the world's greatest artists.

    Tags: yngwie malmsteen, cacophony, jason becker, marty friedman, frank gambale, sweep picking, shred, arpeggios, A minor, A pentatonic minor, neoclassical metal, metal solo, economy picking, crossing strings, right hand technique, 3 strings arpeggio, 4 string arpeggio, 5 string arpeggio, 6 string arpeggio
  • D Harmonic Minor Arpeggio Sequence

    by Attila Voros

    Intense and hard to play!

    Tags: Jeff Loomis, Michael Romeo, Arpeggio, Sequence, Speed, Shredding, Progressive, Instrumental, D minor, D harmonic minor, sweeps, fast licks, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, shredding, metal solo, alternate picking, tapping, string skipping, guitar tricks
  • Sweep Picking 7/9 Arpeggios

    by Eugen Leonhardt

    This lesson is all about the ideas on Sweep Picking passage from my song "Religious War". It also contains the basic guitar-riff with is the basis of this tune.

    Tags: Sweep Picking, Arpeggios, Maj7/9, Min7/9
  • Tony MacAlpine Sweep Tapping

    by Ben Higgins

    An attainable lesson looking at tapped arpeggios and sweep picking, a feature of Tony MacAlpine's guitar style.

    Tags: tony macalpine, shrapnel records, neo classical, 80's shred
  • George Bellas Style

    by Ben Higgins

    Supercharge your sweep picking and economy picking skills in this lesson in the style of neoclassical shred master George Bellas.

    Tags: george bellas, neoclassical, yngwie malmsteen, vinnie moore, becker, friedman, mcalpine
  • Yngwie Malmsteen: Arpeggios

    by Ben Higgins

    Focusing on the 3 string sweeping arpeggios made popular by Yngwie Malmsteen.

    Tags: yngwie malmsteen, sweep picking, 3 string arpeggios, yngwie, neo classical, jason becker, vinnie moore, racer x, cacophony, impellitteri
  • Sliding Arpeggios: Jason Becker Style

    by Ben Higgins

    This lesson looks at the fundamentals of playing slippery sounding sweeps like Jason Becker.

    Tags: jason becker, marty friedman, cacophony, perpetual burn, shred, 80's metal, sweep picking, slow sweeps, beginner sweeping
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Golden Oldies

  • Sweep Picking Arpeggios

    by Ian Bushell

    Sweep picking technique with some legato, string skipping, moveable arpeggio shapes and voice leading to make smoother arpeggio changes from one chord to another.

    Tags: sweep picking, arpeggios, legato, string skipping
  • Sweep Picking Lesson

    by Muris Varajic

    A basic sweep picking lesson going from the simplest two-string shapes all the way to the five-string shapes. This is an excellent lesson if you are new to sweeping and want to work your way to the top!

    Tags: Sweep Picking, sweeping, timing, two string shapes, three string shapes, four string shapes, five string shapes
  • Sweeping Basics

    by David Wallimann

    The secret of sweeping is to synchronize your right hand with your left hand. What you need to do is to place a finger of your left hand on the desired note at the same time than you are playing that note with your pick. As you do so, the next note needs to be placed on the adjacent string in the same direction as your pick is going.

    Tags: sweeping, sweep picking, speed
  • Sweeping with Tapping

    by Muris Varajic

    I chose one shape for major and one for minor arpeggios. The chords are typical 7, m6 and maj7, with few added notes with tapping hand. There's a sliding with tap finger as well...

    Tags: sweeping, tapping, sweeptapping, sweep-tapping, sweep-picking, triads, arpeggio-triads
  • Sweep Etude

    by Muris Varajic

    Etude in Bm using Sweep Picking.

    Tags: Sweep Etude, Muris Varajic
  • Insane Neo-Sweeping

    by Zsolt Galambos

    Neo-classical sweeping to an simple chord progression

    Tags: neoclassical, neo-classical, sweeping, arpeggios
  • Jason Becker Style 3: Sweeping Figures

    by Santiago Diaz Garces

    This is the third and last lesson of the sweep picking series in the style of Jason Becker.

    Tags: jason becker, sweep picking, shred, neoclassical
  • Manic Sweeping

    by Aleksander Sukovic

    An exercise made to help you speed up and clean up you sweeping, open your mind and give you fresh new ideas.

    Tags: sweeping, arpeggios, exercise, speed, sweep picking, extreme
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