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  • John Mayer Slap Style

    by Javier Aviles

    The slap style of John Mayer.

    Tags: SLAP, JOHN MAYER, slapping, E minor, percussive fingerstyle, fingerpicking, fingerstyle, chords, bass lines, flea, stuart hamm, tomo fujita, right hand technique, groove, timing, percussive
  • Slap, Slide & Pick!

    by Javier Aviles

    Using three distinct techniques - SLAP, SLIDE & PICKING - I established a call & response type of song.

    Tags: bottleneck, picking, rock, E blues, E pentatonic minor, A mixolydian, D pentatonic minor, riffing, chords, riff, blues rock, combining techniques, slapping, sliding, groove, timing, slap, slide, picking
  • Slap Etude

    by Javier Aviles

    Slap technique applied to the guitar!

    Tags: pop, legato, tapping, left hand tapping, harmonics, E dorian, E pentatonic minor, rhythm, groove, rhythm, funk groove, timing, riff, riffing, bass technique, percussive
  • Slapping Grooves (8-string)

    by Diego Budicin

    Improve your slapping skills with some grooves played with an 8 strings guitar!

    Tags: E Major, Slap, Tapping, Grooves, Timing, Knock, thumping, thumb, slapping, funk, Tosin Abasi, Guthrie Govan, Victor Wooten, percussive, djent, modern rock, dynamics, funk groove, funk rhythm
  • Slap Exercises (Essentials)

    by Javier Aviles

    In this lesson I play the techniques that I consider essential if you want to play the slap guitar style.

    Tags: slapping, guitar slap, slap & pop, funk, G minor, percussive, exercises, flea, bass techniques, rhythm, dynamics, dead notes, hammer on, pull off, left hand tapping
  • Slap Exercise (Muted Rhythm)

    by Javier Aviles

    In this lesson I want to teach rhythmic patterns to apply when you play slap on the guitar using various muted slap exercises.

    Tags: slap, muted slapping, slap & pop, guitar slap, pop, left hand muting, left hand tapping, A Major, percussive, flea, victor wooten, tosin abasi, slapping, rhythm, groove, rhythmic patterns
  • Drop D Country Slap

    by Javier Aviles

    Country song for slap & hybrid picking technique practice in dropped D tuning.

    Tags: drop D, dropped D tuning, hybrid picking, slapping, popping, D Pentatonic minor, percussive, slap guitar, hybrid picking, hammer on, 6/8, chords, double stops
  • Slapping Funk Solos

    by Javier Aviles

    Lesson combining funky slap guitar technique with rasgueo technique.

    Tags: F Major, Slap guitar, funky rhythm, rasgueo, stevie wonder, slapping, popping, groovy, funk guitar, groove, double stops, chords, phrasing
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Golden Oldies

  • Slapping & Tapping Etude

    by Chowy Fernandez

    Chowy's slapping guitar lesson.

    Tags: tapped, slap, bass technique, percussive, experimental, hammer ons from nowhere, tapping, D minor, Animals as leaders, Tosin Abasi
  • Slapping Technique for Guitar

    by Stephane Lucarelli

    Various progressive exercises to master the Slap & Pop technique on the guitar.

    Tags: slap, E dorian, funk, percussive, slapping, popping, slap guitar, funk, pop, bass technique, exercises, workout, training
  • Guitar Slapping Lesson

    by Muris Varajic

    It's a Guitar Slap Lesson! This technique is common for Bass guitar but many guitar players use it on guitar so I tried it as well.

    Tags: non-bass slapping, slapping, slap, Shuffle Funk, E Dorian, funk rock, funky, percussive, riffing, riff, groove, legato, popping
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