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  • Beginners Guide to Looping

    by Chris Harrington

    Start using a looper pedal and get the most out of it!

    Tags: looping, looper pedal, loop, indie, John Mayer, Mateus Asato, Sean Angus Watson, Chords, Improvisation, Rhythm, Composition, G Major, E Pentatonic minor, Ditto Looper
  • Creative Looping

    by Chris Harrington

    Let's look at using a looper pedal in a creative way

    Tags: Looping, A minor, looper pedal, soul, jazz, fusion, cool, Tom Misch, neo soul, John Mayer, octave chords, rhythm, groove, percussive, Sean Angus Watson, Mateus Asato, composition, lo-fi beats, beats, guitar beat
  • Post Malone Style

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Covers the style of the American rapper Post Malone.

    Tags: Post Malone, Trap, Rap, Hip-hop, Pop, Grunge, Guitar arrangement, Pop, Double Stop, Thirds, Modern Pop, Chord tones, Arrangement, Composition, G minor
  • Beginner's Corner 10: Make a Song

    by Bear Rose

    Let's put together what we have learned so far into a song.

    Tags: beginner, easy, open chords, barre chords, power chords, songwriting, guns n roses, arranging, arrangement, composing, composition
  • Songwriting Lesson

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    Having troubles making your own songs? Or maybe need some tips in songwriting in general? You've came to the right place. Accumulated knowledge in songwriting skills now available to you through this lesson. Andrew and myself have done our best to make a lesson easy and intuitive to understand, wetter you are beginning to write your own stuff, or just looking for some inspiration advices.

    Tags: harmony, song, chorus, verse, music making, D major, tonality, acoustic, chord progression, pop song, song making, song creation, composer, song structure
  • Fruity Loops Studio Tutorial - Create a Song!

    by Kyle Logue

    If you can think the tune, you can create it. Follow along and see if you can expand on what I'm teaching to create something even better. Have fun!

    Tags: drum, FL studio, Fruity Loops, programming, midi, composing, composer, songwriting
  • Fruity Loops Studio Tutorial - Intro

    by Kyle Logue

    "Hey I don't have a drumkit!" you say. No worries. Here's a simple lesson to show you how to use a powerful program called Fruity Loops Studio to create some great sounding beats.

    Tags: fruity loops studio, fl, video tutorial, composition, composing, programing

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