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  • Bend-Tapping Licks

    by Dallton Santos

    Five licks which mix bending with tapping

    Tags: bend, tapping, rock, fusion, prog, Greg Howe, Van Halen, Guthrie Govan, Plini, A Lydian
  • Two-handed Lines

    by Dallton Santos

    Rock fusion with both hands on the fretboard!

    Tags: tapping, two-handed tapping, van halen, VH, Greg Howe, Billy Sheehan, Paul Gilbert, plini, B Dorian
  • Basic Rock Guitar: Tapping

    by Guido Bungenstock

    Melodic tapping

    Tags: tapping, bending, vibrato, rock guitar, acdc, deep purple, acdc, van halen, Metallica, Eddie Van Halen, steve Lukather, Neal Schon, Jeff Beck, Guthrie Govan, Steve Stevens, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, E minor
  • Mixing Modes: Five Killer Licks

    by Dallton Santos

    Mixing two modes in one lick!

    Tags: mixolidian, dorian, licks, rock, blues, A7, A mixolydian, A dorian, superimposed scales, tapping licks, shred fusion, blues fusion, greg howe, Pentatonic minor, Dominant arpeggios, legato, Steve Morse, Eddie Van Halen, guthrie govan, scale sequences, scale patterns
  • Buckethead Style Tapping

    by Ben Higgins

    Beginner/intermediate lesson focusing on Buckethead's tapping technique

    Tags: tapping, atonal, chromatic, six finger tapping, nubbing, E minor, 8 finger tapping, freak guitar, Mattias Eklundh, John 5, weird, uncommon licks, crazy
  • Tapping Mirror Shapes

    by Dallton Santos

    This lesson shows how to connect similar shapes of chords, triads and pentatonics with the tapping technique.

    Tags: fusion rock, greg howe, van halen, guthrie govan, D dorian, two hands, shred fusion, shred, legato, licks, fast licks, fast playing, fusion licks, chords, triads, pentatonics
  • Beginner Legato & Tapping

    by Darius Wave

    4 popular shapes in a slow tempo etude.

    Tags: E Major, hammer on, pull off, practise, exercise, muting, two hands, technique, guitar training, technique workout, workout
  • Tapping Practice

    by Diego Budicin

    A very useful tapping exercise built on a smooth and wide harmony!

    Tags: Tapping, Hammer On, Shred, Metal, Tosin Abasi, Daniele Gottardo, Jennifer Batten, Scott Mishoe, 8 fingers, B minor, timing, legato, two handed, djent, plini
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