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Golden Oldies

  • Little Finger Work-out

    by Dejan Farkas

    An exercise I developed recently for the left hand, a drill for the little finger, pinky (hammer-on till the dawn). It can be practiced on all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) depending on the speed.

    Tags: finger independence, pinky, coordination, hammer on, pedal tone, pedal note, vinnie moore, yngwie malmsteen, neoclassical rock
  • Sweep Picking Arpeggios

    by Ian Bushell

    Sweep picking technique with some legato, string skipping, moveable arpeggio shapes and voice leading to make smoother arpeggio changes from one chord to another.

    Tags: legato, string skipping, shred, shredding, voice leading, moveable arpeggio shapes, jason becker, sweeping, sweep, following the chords, yngwie malmsteen, cacophony, D minor
  • Legato And Picking - Intermediate

    by Muris Varajic

    In this lesson we will work on both legato and picking at ~ medium level.

    Tags: Legato, Picking, Intermediate, Exercise, training, workout, fingers independence, warming up, scale patterns, patterns, scale runs, E minor
  • Sweep Picking Lesson

    by Muris Varajic

    A basic sweep picking lesson going from the simplest two-string shapes all the way to the five-string shapes. This is an excellent lesson if you are new to sweeping and want to work your way to the top!

    Tags: sweeping, timing, two string shapes, three string shapes, four string shapes, five string shapes, A major, A minor, triads
  • Alternate Workout

    by Muris Varajic

    Unusual picking patterns.

    Tags: odd patterns, unusual picking, G# minor, speed picking, training, practice, workout, triplets, effective technique, shred, picking technique
  • Alternate Picking Etude With String Skipping

    by Emir Hot

    Alternate picking lesson including string skipping with strict left hand fingering approach.

    Tags: Etude, A minor, A harmonic minor, vinnie moore, classical patterns, pedal note, pedal tone, muting, workout, technique training, string skipping
  • Gary Moore Inspired Bending #1

    by Piotr Kaczor

    Let's explore bending & vibrato, the Gary Moore way!

    Tags: bending, blues rock, A minor, A minor pentatonic, 6/8, slow blues, minor blues, major blues, joe bonamassa, bend type, bends, emotion, expression, feeling
  • Sweeping Basics

    by David Wallimann

    The secret of sweeping is to synchronize your right hand with your left hand. What you need to do is to place a finger of your left hand on the desired note at the same time than you are playing that note with your pick. As you do so, the next note needs to be placed on the adjacent string in the same direction as your pick is going.

    Tags: sweeps, sweep picking, speed, D Major, Arpeggios, minor arpeggio, major arpeggio, shred, economy, Yngwie Malmsteen, Frank Gambale
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