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  • How To Harmonize A Melody

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Learn how to harmonize melodies in diatonic thirds.

    Tags: harmonization, arranging, third, intervals, theory, E minor, arrangement, songwriting, how to arrange a song
  • Building Chord Progressions in G

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Learn how to build chords in a different Major key.

    Tags: Songwriting, Composition, Major key, Tonality, Ionian, how to compose, major scale, G Major, open chords
  • Building Chord Progressions

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Learn how to build chord progressions in Major Keys.

    Tags: writing songs, writing chord progressions, songwriting, composition, chords, C major, C major key, major keys, harmony, theory
  • Jam School: Scale Memorisation

    by Kristofer Dahl

    Have you ever struggled with memorising complicated scales?

    Tags: scale visualization, scale memorization, fretboard, unlock, G minor, C minor, soloing, jammin, scale shapes, scale patterns
  • Josh Homme Scale

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Covers this cool sounding scale used by Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age).

    Tags: Josh Homme, Scale, QOTSA, Queens of the stone age, Josh Homme Scale, Blues Scale, Blues Scale Variation, Exotic Scales, Improvisation, Kyuss, Stoner Rock, Groove, Composition, Tutorial, D blues scale, D Lydian Dominant #2, exotic scale, uncommon scale
  • Modes Workout

    by Stephane Lucarelli

    Learn to play and recognize by ear the modes from the Major scale.

    Tags: modes, modal, Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, modes workout, moods, improvisation, scale theory
  • 45 Guitar Scales In One Solo

    by Sinisa Cekic

    Massive scales lesson teaching 45 guitar scales. Includes improvisation tips and backing tracks for each scale!

    Tags: Major natural, Minor natural, Major pentatonic, Diminished, Harmonic minor, Blues major, Hungarian minor, Balinese, Minor pentatonic, Bartok, Whole tone, Arabian, Dorian mode, Ethiopian Tizita minor, Chromatic, Phrygian mode, Enigmatic, Iwato, Byzantine, Lydian mode, Super Lydian mode, Mixolydian mode, Kumoi, Locrian mode, Locrian minor mode, Neapolitan minor, Neapolitan major, Spanish, Spanish 8 tone, Melodic minor, Aeolian mode, Hirajoshi, Hindu, Japanese, Altered, Yo, In Sen, Bebop, Yona Nuki major, Blues minor, half whole, hungarian major, Algerian, Persian, Symmetrical, modulation
  • Modes Of The Rising Sun

    by Cosmin Lupu

    Simple approach towards modes, emphasizing the relationship between notes and chords with the aid of a traditional song - House Of The Rising Sun.

    Tags: Modes, Begginner, House of the rising sun, Aeolian, Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Harmonic minor, A Dorian, A Lydian, A Mixolydian, A Aeolian, A Harmonic minor, combining modes, combining scales, modulation, scale modes, modal
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Golden Oldies

  • Pentatonic Workshop Level 1- CAGED Format and Timing Exercises

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    This first part is for the absolute beginner. We will cover: Pentatonic CAGED shapes, exercises, note values and timing.

    Tags: pentatonic, timing, exercise, CAGED, alternate picking, play along, metronome, A minor pentatonic, Note Time Values, rhythm practice, improvisation
  • Applying Modes - Part 1

    by Sinisa Cekic

    Learn to apply modes to the most common progressions.

    Tags: modal, ionian, dorian, phrygian, c major, alternate picking, applying modes, modal progressions, acoustic guitar, latin fusion
  • Pentatonic Workshop Level 2 - Advanced CAGED Patterns

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    Lets go one step further and introduce more advanced pentatonic patterns. This part contains: Pentatonic patterns, alternate picking and string skipping exercises & CAGED shapes.

    Tags: pentatonic, exercise, CAGED, patterns, alternate picking, AP, F Major, string skipping, pentatonic patterns, improvisation, concepts, learning scales, learning the fretboard
  • Modal Pentatonics: Concept - Part 1

    by David Wallimann

    This first part will cover all 7 modal pentatonic scales. The goal here is to memorize the positions along with the sound of each ones of these scales. In the next part we will dive into each one of them.

    Tags: Modal pentatonic, A Phrygian, A locrian, A dorian, A lydian, a aeolian, a mixolydian, picking, modes, scale shapes, boxes, improvisation
  • Mastering Diatonic Patterns - CAGED Method

    by Ivan Milenkovic

    You have learned the Pentatonic scale and don't know where to next? Look no further cause here we unravel the mistery of the Diatonic scale pattern which contains major and minor scale and modes. In this lesson we cover CAGED method, very similar to pentatonic CAGED positions.

    Tags: diatonic, scales, major, minor, CAGED, learning the fretboard, improvisation, theory, modes, C Major, timing, scale shapes, boxes
  • Harmonised Harmonic Minor

    by Nick Kellie

    This is the follow-up lesson to "Harmonized Melodic Minor". Now we are looking at harmonizing Harmonic minor.

    Tags: G harmonic minor, tonality, harmonic minor chords, harmonization, harmonize, harmonic minor, chord, chord shapes, chord progression
  • Modes are Fun! - Dorian

    by Nick Kellie

    Welcome to a lesson designed to outline the usage of each mode in a given context. Learning theory can, to say the least, be a little boring - but it is essential if you want to deepen your knowledge and connection with music and improvisation.

    Tags: dorian, modes, theory, improvisation, soloing, playing over a minor chord, modal, modes shapes, D dorian, economy picking, fusion shred
  • 23 Turnarounds in the style of Marcelo Villegas (1/3)

    by Gerardo Siere

    A series of typical harmonic progressions with several purposes.

    Tags: Intervals, Pitch class theory, functional harmony, color harmony, Jazz, Bossa, Blues, Harmony, Voice leading, chords, harmony, fingerstyle, fingerpicking, chord progression, Harmonic functions, pitch classes, intervals, voice leading, C Major, G Major
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