Behringer Ultra DI PRO DI4000 Review

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Ultra DI PRO DI4000
Ultra DI PRO DI4000
Ultra DI PRO DI4000
Ultra DI PRO DI4000



Original author: Todd Simpson

Weapon: Direct Box/Pre-Amp

Make: Behringer

Model: ULTRA-DI PRO DI4000

Price: 85 €


If you are interested in using software like GUITAR RIG or AMPLITUBE, you may have noticed that it's sometimes hard to get enough gain to make the emulation sound like the real thing. This device is an answer to your prayers. It turns your guitar signal in to a "Balanced" signal and then puts +20DB of gain on it without adding wads of noise. The result is that your emulation of a Marshall Stack finally sounds like a Marshall Stack!

The DI4000 gives you four first-class DI channels in one rack space. With two inputs (XLR and 1 /4 " TRS), a balanced output (XLR) and a 1 /4 " link output per channel, up to 40 dB of switchable input attenuation and up to 20 dB of gain, the DI4000 is equipped to deal with virtually any input signal, while our OT-1 output transformers ensure clean, powerful output.

Under the hood

The unit converts unbalanced line inputs (your guitar signal/jack) into balanced outputs while retaining highest signal integrity. In addition, it has some very handy features.

- Ultra-flat frequency response due to renowned BEHRINGER OT-1 transformers.
- Prevents hum and noise pick up due to special transformer decoupling
- +20 dB gain switch for preamplification of low-level signals (This is the SMART BOMB feature of the unit and worth the price of admission all by itself)
- Phase Reverse switch allows you to instantly correct phase problems
- Switchable High-cut filter (8 kHz) for guitar applications
- Ground Lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems
- Accurate 8-segment LED level meter for optimum performance
- 1/4" TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors
- Illuminated switches enable perfect operation in dark stage environments


The unit has clean, flat, even sound. It doesn't color the signal as it's not meant to. I've found the unit to be quiet, dependable and predictable. A good Direct Box should be pretty transparent and this one is. Certainly, you could spend a lot more money and get a far nicer unit that would be appropriate for a multi million dollar studio. However, for the home studio, this unit works great and is priced right at under 100 Euro.

Overall Impression

The unit is very well built and feels solid. It doesn’t feel cheap and light like it’s made of plastic. It is a rack unit so it slides in to the rack and mounts very solidly. The steel construction of the face place and housing adds to the pro feel. The lighted buttons on the front are a nice touch and handy for dim studios and gigs. The individual level meters are also a great feature.

Alternative Weapon



- Here is a sample taken from GUITAR RIG 4 using a custom high gain patch. (+20 DB Gain Engaged)
GuitarRigMonsterGain.mp3 ( 1.38MB )

- Here is another sample take from GUTAR RIG 4 using less gain, more of a blues tone. (+20 DB Gain Disengaged)
TubeyBluesy.mp3 ( 1.75MB )