Blind Guardian - Battalions Of Fear Review

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Blind Guardian - Battalions Of Fear
Blind Guardian - Battalions Of Fear


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Blind Guardian

Album: Battalions Of Fear

Genre: Speed/ Power Metal


01. Majesty
02. Guardian Of The Blind
03. Trial By The Archon
04. Wizard's Crown
05. Run For The Night
06. The Martyr
07. Battalions Of Fear
08. By The Gates Of Moria
09. Gandalf's Rebirth


8 When i saw some people say they had not heard blind guardian in Marcus' announcement thread, i was shocked! So i decided to do this review, (and one more to come) So lets get to it!. Probably one of the strongest debuts from any band, "Battalions Of Fear" is an album chock full of speed, aggression, fast solo's, crazy melodies, Just great guitar work, Virtuoso drumming, and god like vocals. Although much more raw than there later albums, You can still hear the roots of there more melodic side that would emerge in songs like "Run For The Night", and "Battalions Of Fear", Or at least i think.


9 The opening song "Majesty", an eternal Blind Guardian classic, has a great representation of the guitar work that is on the album. Opens with fast riffs (well actually it opens with something else, Check the link at the bottom), And throughout the entire there is just great guitar work, Awesome solos, Epic melodies and the whole album never lets up a bit. Continuing into songs like "Trial By The Archon" with more great riffs, and awesome solo's, and to the awesome Maiden inspired instrumental of "Gandalf's Rebirth", This album is a guitar lovers dream (or so i think). The compositions at times seem to simple to be that good, you'll realize it will be basic chord progression, but in the hands of Marcus Siepen and Andre Olbrich, it becomes much more. You just headbang involuntarily, its got such a nice groove to it!


8 Hansi Kursch, who actually does vocals as well on this album, also does the bass. And its done very well, I love the tone of the bass of the first 2 albums, It just is....I dont know, but I like it a lot. Even though for the most part it will follow the rhythm guitars, it still sticks out as another cool aspect of this album, Especially with the bass solo in "Gandalf's Rebirth" which is just too cool, Almost reminds me of Billy Sheehan at times.


9 Thomas Stauch is still to this day, a personal favorite drummer of mine. He must have eight arms or something, His drumming is very technical, yet very groove based at the same time. It will be some fast double bass, then some super quick fill into a section that just has an incredible groove, Id compare him to other drummer's except i believe he has a style all his own. If you like fast, technical, yet groove based drumming, this album can fill that need for you.


10 Well what can I say? When i was about 10 years old and stumbled onto a used copy of Somewhere Far Beyond in a CD Store, (Which ill be honest, i bought cause the album art is cool ), I kinda forced my parents to buy it for me. Up to that time, i was used to singers like Hetfield, and Mustaine, And the crap that came from my sisters room, And Hansi completely changed that. His voice is beyond powerful, Its beyond description, It is simply.....Perfect. His vocals with every album just get better, stronger, and more dynamic. Id put him on par with even Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford. If you like a strong, clean, aggressive, or if you want, soft and melodic, voice, then Hansi will fill that expectation, and then some.....And then some......And then some yet again.


7/8 While most people tend to dismiss bands with fantasy based lyrics as being at all but incredible, I must say that i disagree, Lyrically i wouldnt call this there best album, But the lyrics are still great. Later albums it would dive into more diverse emotion, But with this album, its a straightforward attack on your ears, Musically, and Lyrically. Just sit back and enjoy!

From "Majesty"
Now the time has come for me to leave this land
Take my charge with pride sacrifice
Running and hiding I'm left for the time
To bring back the order of divine
Hunted by goblins no Gandalf to help
With swords in the night
Oh the last part of the game
Decision of death and life
Blood for Sauron they'll call tonight
The final battle cry
Running and hiding I'm left for the time
To bring back the order of devine
There exist no tales and hobbits are crying for all
Children of death
I have a dream the things you've to hide for
Deliver our kingdom and our reich
Don't fall in panic just give me the thing
That I need or I kill
Don't run away for what have I done

Oh majesty your kingdom is lost
And you'll leave us behind
Oh majesty your kingdom is lost
And ruins remind of your time
Now come back

From "Run For The Night"
There comes the last part and end of our old age
with thunder and lightning the dark lord is taking
the crown of the whole world
his creature will kill me and poisons my soul
to the end I'll fight but I know that the things
that I do are so meanless - Oh no

I see the hill but it's so far away
I know I can't reach it
but I try it again and again in my dark dreams
he's wasting my last will how long can I stay here
when the mightiest of all will now

Run for the Night burn away
the times of his fall I've to pay

Visions of darkness prepared for the last strike
and blood lust their weapons and madness
you see their
eyes there's no way out
I'm lost in a dark dream and losing control
to the end I'll fight but I know that the things
that I do are so meaningless - Oh no
I see the hill but it's so far away
I know I can't reach it
but try it again and again in my dark dreams
he's wasting my last will
how long can I stay here
who the mightiest of all will now

Overall Impression

9 Just a fun album, Fast riffs, Epic songs, Great solos, amazing drumming, and an amazing singer. If you like Power or Speed Metal at all, then you'll love this, And even if you dont, You should check this out, To me at least, a landmark album in metal.

Easily one of the greatest songs....Ever.