Boss CE-5 Mini Review

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Boss CE-5
Boss CE-5


Boss CE-5 Mini Review by Fran

This is a classic Chorus stomp by BOSS, which delivers a pretty standard effect.

It has the usual knobs on a chorus: Level (adjusts effect volume), Rate (affects the sound wave), and Depth (Makes the effect stronger or weaker).

On top of these it sports an additional EQ Filter control with two extra knobs that allow cutting Hi/Lo frequencies. In my opinion this is the best feature of this pedal, as it allows to colour your sound in so many different ways besides typical rate/depth adjustments. The manual provides some examples which actually serve well as a starting point to tweak the pedal to your own taste.

It has two outputs which allow stereo in case you need it (I've never used it in stereo though). This stomp is digital, unlike the old CE-2, and some people find it a bit cold. I like BOSS chorus, so I'm happy with the results, though I can see how some might prefer some stronger "deeper" chorus stomps.

As usual with BOSS it's built like a tank, and it's not pricey either. An affordable classic chorus with a nice extra EQ filter. Worth my cash!

Boss CE-5 Mini Review by Ivan

I used this stomp extensively on gigs and at home for regular jamming and practice. It's a light chorus pedal with filter option. I never used too much of the filter option, just put it a bit lighter than default setting and leave it there. I think the EQing is there only to adapt the effect towards your gear, and for that is great, for other purposes, not that good, since the filter is pretty digital and cold itself, and doesn't warm up the sound in any way, just cuts the (in this case) precious digital "excited" highs.

The delay is digital, and you can actually hear how the shaping of the sound is curving in highly regular patterns if you amplify the chorus effect. Not that great sounding chorus because of this machine-like chorus produced effect, but I must say this has it's bright sides as well. For example this chorus is nice to sugar up some chordal work a bit, and excellent for fusion-type appliances. This pedal goes along great with distortion, and it doesn't loose on it's definition (since it is digital/ultra precise). So the chorus you get while you have distortion resembles on those great smooth fusion tones from the 80ties, which I really like. I think it's best suited for that purpose, for other purposes, not that great chorus pedal.

As most other Boss effects, this one is very transparent, and lets other effects breathe as well. Solidly built, with filter (EQ) that enables some effect adapting, great choice for fusion player, and decent choice for mild chorus appliances on clean guitar etc..

Boss CE-5 Mini Review by Tomás Santa Clara

Awesome litle blue magic box, it truly bring out the life even on the worst of guitars (i´ve tried it with an E.zippy guitar) the litle EQ Filter is the cherry in the top of the cake in this pedal you can realy get some amazing tones out of it. if it got broken (WHICH IT WILL NOT because this thing is built like a tank) or stolen i would buy it again if you are looking for a versatile cheap and awesome quality Chorus this is the one to go!

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