Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire Review

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Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire
Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire


General Information

Original Author: LaneGriff

Artist: Bullet for my Valentine

Album: Scream Aim Fire

Genre: Not a big fan of genres and labeling bands. Having a preconceived notion of how someone sounds because of a label is a big injustice to people who make music. Wikipedia says Metalcore

Released: January 28, 2008


1. Scream Aim Fire
2. Eye of the Storm
3. Hearts Burst into Fire
4. Waking the Demon
5. Dissapear
6. Deliver us from Evil
7. Take it out on me
8. Say Goodnight
9. End of Days
10. Last to Know
11. Forever and Always


8. Love the "chug" rhythms from these guys. The harmonies are great. There's blistering fast solos, slower solos bursting with emotion, and (in my opionion) an awesome wah solo in the title track "Scream Aim Fire." Theres fast tempo riffs, and slower melodies. All in all theres I think its a good mix of things.


5. Don't know much about 'em. I can't really hear the bass, and honestly I don't think theres much room for "bassy" riffs in this music.


8. Ahh! This guy is awesome. Combined with the rhythms... lots of win.


8 / 6. The 8 is for the singing. The 6 is for the yelling in my face . This guys voice just fits in great with the songs. "Forever and Always" is an awesome vocal track. I'm biased when it comes to screaming, but friends of mine think his screaming is very good. I find the over use of screaming gets annoying. Compared to Bullet's first album, there is considerably less screaming.


6. I can connect to several songs on this album, and at the same time I can be totally baffled at the lyrics on others.


I would give this an 8. It's going to be an album that will stick with me forever.

My favorite: Forever and Always And the first single: Scream Aim Fire

P.S. It's pretty much understood that these reviews are all personal opinions right?