Cael's Challenge 1 - The Legato Drill

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A drill by Caelumamittendum

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Hey there GMCers!

Welcome to the first of hopefully many guitar challenges! This first one is a short legato drill, which might look tricky, but is a simple pattern moved ascendingly through the scale.


GP5 Tab

Now for your video or audio take I would like to see you do it with one of the backing tracks of your choice (remember to ask for a tempo you'd like if it isn't there), but if you're struggling with it, go ahead and do it without one. The main thing is to get you playing user posted image

Backing tracks

50 BPM: Attached File 50_BPM.mp3
75 BPM: Attached File 75_BPM.mp3
100 BPM: Attached File 100_BPM.mp3
125 BPM: Attached File 125_BPM.mp3
50 BPM Extended: Attached File
75 BPM Extended: Attached File
100 BPM Extended: Attached File
125 BPM Extended Attached File

Remember! When you complete this challenge you will recieve a nice badge to put in your signature!

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