Cael's Challenge 2 - The three 3 string minor arpeggios

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A drill by Caelumamittendum

[Original Thread]

Hey there, guys!

Here's my second challenge for you, maybe a bit more tricky than the first one, but you can play it in any tempo you want user posted image


Backing tracks

As always, ask for any tempo backing track you like and I will provide it for you. Here are some to start with:

50 BPM: Attached File 50_BPM.mp3
75 BPM: Attached File 75_BPM.mp3
100 BPM: Attached File 100_BPM.mp3
120 BPM: Attached File 125_BPM.mp3
140 BPM Extended: Attached File
160 BPM Extended: Attached File

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