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Current REC Rank

Your current REC Rank is:
Learning Rock Star

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Lesson Upload & Results History

Pentatonic Tapping

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 7.3

Economy Picking 101

Verdict: Level 5 Pass 8

How to Riff Series (Part 1)

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 6.7

Ben's Land Of Legato

Verdict: Level 3 Pass 8

Alternate Picking Workout #7

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 9

Melodic Black Metal: Naglfar

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 6.7

Beginner Palm Muting - Metal

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 7.25

Major Pentatonic Intermediate Solo

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 8.3

Learning the Major Pentatonics

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 6.7

Venom Style

Verdict: Level 4 Pass 9

Nightwish Style Lesson

Verdict: Level 5 Pass 8

Nightwish Style

Verdict: Level 5 Pass 6.7


- Your five highest graded passes are: 5,5,5,4,4
- Which makes for an average level of: 4.6

  • That average grants you the title of: Rock Star


-You have completed a total number of lessons of: 12

  • That number grants you the distinction of: Learning

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