Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus Review

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Artist: Edguy
Album Name: Tinnitus Sanctus
Genre: Power Metal/Heavy Metal
Released: November 14th, 2008
Label: Nuclear Blast


1. Ministry of Saints - 5:03
2. Sex Fire Religion - 5:57
3. The Pride of Creation - 5:29
4. Nine Lives - 4:27
5. Wake Up Dreaming Black - 4:06
6. Dragonfly - 4:57
7. Thorn Without a Rose - 4:47
8. 9-2-9 - 3:48
9. Speedhoven - 7:43
10. Dead or Rock - 5:50
11. Aren't You a Little Pervert Too? - 2:20

Bonus CD - Recorded Live during Los Angeles' Rocket Ride Tour

1. Catch of the Century - 5:14
2. Sacrifice - 8:24
3. Babylon - 7:29
4. Lavatory Love Machine - 4:42
5. Tears of a Mandrake - 7:42
6. Vain Glory Opera - 6:26
7. Superheroes - 3:24
8. F'ing With Fire - 4:37
9. Avantasia - 6:58
10. King of Fools - 5:25

Sound: 10/10

Luckily, these guys aren't part of the "Hey, let's distort the sound so bad we sound like an engine!" group. The sound is perfect. Every instrument is in perfect harmony together!

Guitars: 10/10

There isn't a lot of extremely advanced guitar stuff in this album, but the powerchords, the solos, and the clean parts are awesome! Jens Ludwig gives us some impressive solos which includes tapping, wah-wah, speed and awesomeness!

Bass: 8/10

The bass is superb. The bass completes the songs in some cases. The only thing that pulls this score down, is that I don't really think about the bass because it's too plain on most of the songs. I rarely thought "Wow, that's some awesome bass licks, right there!"

Vocals: 10/10

I love Tobias Sammet. His voice is unique to the degree that you can recognize his voice anywhere! If he ever went away from metal, I'd cry. His voice seem to have evolved a lot since he first started, which is inevitable, really.

Drums: 10/10

Great drumwork. Sounds very powermetal! Perfect! Not much else to say..

Lyrics: 10/10

As always, Edguy gives us powerful lyrics with meaning in decent english. No complaints!

Overall: 10/10

One of the best Edguy albums, in my opinion. All the songs show that these guys won't lie down and give up for quite some time! If you ever wanted to hear how Edguy sings country, listen to the last song of the album: "Aren't You a Little Pervert Too?", which I was surprised to hear was nothing else like they've ever made, and yet they nail it!

The bonus CD is live versions of some of their old songs played in Los Angeles in October 2008. Here they really show off their live skills as both entertainers and musicians, and give us nohing but quality!

Reviewed by --Canis 17:34, 15 November 2008 (CET)