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Flyleaf is a rock/alternative band that formed back in 2003 in Texas, USA. There are five members in the band, four guys and a frontwoman named Lacey Mosley. They have published just one album, named like the band, in 2005.

Lacey is just 1,5 meters tall, but when she stands in the midle of the stage and the guitars fill the air, she begins to sing and people are usually amazed that such a small woman can have such a powerful, unique style. Her voice is the epicenter of Flyleaf, the soul of their songs. For the ones out there who are in doubt or never heard of the band just try and listen to "I'm so sick", to name an example, regarded as one of their best songs by their fans.


To understand where Flyleaf come from it's important to first explain where Lacey Mosley comes from.

Lacey Mosley was born in a poor family in Texas. Continuous fights at home and problems with drugs at the early age of 10, things could only go worse by the time she was a teenager.

She got her first bass guitar when she was 14, and started learning songs from Nirvana and Green Day. When she was 16 the Situation at home got even worse, and in the end she moved to her Grandparents' house in Mississippi.

Life in Mississippi was quite different: her grandparents were quite wealthy, just the opposite as what she had seen her whole life. Yet Lacey didn't feel things were right, she felt empty and expected more from life than she was getting. She joined a band at High School playing bass and writing lyrics, but it didn't work, so she quit.

Having left her family, and drugs too, she felt into what she described as a "nervous breakdown". She even considered suicide, and her grandmother urged her to attend church, and she got better.

Back in Texas she met drummer James Culpepper, guitarists Jared Hartmann and Sameer Bhattacharya. Later came the bassist Pat Seals, and the first time they played together was "Amazing" in Lacey's words. Flyleaf was born.


First album

Before being known as Flyleaf the band made many gigs in Texas under the names of "Listen" and "Passerby", and released 3 EPs during that time. They tried to sign for RCA label, but in the end they signed with Octone records, and changed their name to FLyleaf, because there already existed a band resgistered as "Passerby".

They released an EP named "Flyleaf" and toured with "Breaking Benjamin", "3 doors down" and "Staind".

In 2005 producer Howard Benson ( Papa Roach, POD, My Chemical Romance) helped them release their full length album, "Flyleaf". "I'm so sick", "Fully alive" and "All around me" were the first three singles.

With a style somewhere in-between alternative rock and metal, "Flyleaf" album is full of stories in which hope is one of the keys. After Lacey's experience in metal bands were the lyrics and sensations were dark and sad, she desired to take a different approach and sing about the things that made her feel good, songs to release her inner thoughts, desires and illusions.

In Lacey's own words:
"I used to be in a really negative band, and that seemed to almost fuel my emptiness because that's what the songs were about," says charismatic singer Lacey Mosley. "That's why I think what we're doing is important because there needs to be something heavy out there that has a positive message so people see that it's possible to get through the worst situations."(Quoted from their Official Site)

Acknowledged as one of the most aggressive alt-rock performers of 2005 Flyleaf songs speak of depression, abuse, selfishness, and the desire to scape the addictions or situations that might sometimes resemble situations lived by Lacey in the past. Her powerful voice gets high and low, sometimes even turns into a growl that could freeze the blood of the listener or become a soothing lullaby to linger in our heads while the guitars still scream in the back.

Songs not to be missed in the album are "I'm so sick", "Fully alive" and "Cassie" as examples of adrenaline unleashed, or tracks such as "All around me", where we can hear Flyleaf's softer side, full of feeling and emotion. Just check their Official Site and listen to some of their best tracks.


Flyleaf (2005)

"I'm So Sick" – 3:00
"Fully Alive" – 2:50
"Perfect" – 2:53
"Cassie" – 3:05
"Sorrow" – 2:50
"I'm Sorry" – 2:47
"All Around Me" – 3:23
"Red Sam" – 3:20
"There for You" – 2:54
"Breathe Today" – 2:44
"So I Thought" – 4:50

The album was re-released in 2007, with the following additions:

Flyleaf (2007)

"I'm So Sick" – 2:58
"Fully Alive" – 2:34
"Perfect" – 2:48
"Cassie" – 2:58
"Sorrow" – 2:45
"I'm Sorry" – 2:43
"All Around Me" – 3:18
"Red Sam" – 3:20
"There for You" – 2:47
"Breathe Today" – 2:29
"So I Thought" – 4:50
"Fully Alive" (acoustic) - 2:41
"Red Sam" (acoustic) - 3:11
"Cassie" (acoustic) - 3:11
"I'm So Sick" (acoustic) - 3:05
"All Around Me" (acoustic) - 3:21

"Fully Alive (Acoustic)" video footage
"Red Sam (Acoustic)" video footage
"Cassie (Acoustic)" video footage
"I'm So Sick (Acoustic)" video footage
"All Around Me (Acoustic)" video footage
"All Around Me" music video
"Fully Alive" music video
"I'm So Sick" music video


After releasing their album in 2005 the band toured with "Disturbed", "Stone Sour", "Nonpoint" as part of the Music as a Weapon III tour.

Later in 2007 they toured Europe and Australia, again with Stone Sour, but also with Three Days Grace, Sick Puppies and Kill Hannah.

In 2008 the band took part in Korn's tour and later played along with Seether. The band has stated in various occasions how grateful they are to so many great bands which have helped them to get known world-wide:

"We think about where we started and where we are and realize, 'wow, we are playing in front of 1000 people tonight’ And then we just can't be thankful enough to those bands who gave us a chance to play with them, even though we are sort of nobodies."

Flyleaf & Christian Rock

Many times regarded as a Christian Rock band, Flyleaf's members rather see themseves as a rock band whose members happen to be Christians with strong convictions.

But they don't consider themselves a "Christian Band", as they explained: "we are as much a Christian Band as a pLumber who is a Christian would be a Christian Plumber.

Having said that, the influence of their beliefs and their faith is strong in their tracks, were they often speak about redemption, hope and God. Taking a look back on Lacey's past, it is easy to understand why these topics play such a huge role in her life and thus resemble in their lyrics.


Broken Wings: Special Edition (2002 as Passerby)
Broken Wings (2003 as Passerby)
Passerby (2003 as Passerby)
Flyleaf (2002 as Passerby)

Music As A Weapon EP (2007):

-Fully Alive (Acustic) 
-Much Like Falling
-Justice and Mercy
-Christmas Song

Much Like Falling (2007):

-Much Like Falling
-Supernatural (Acoustic)
-Justice and Mercy


"Breathe Today" (2004)
"I'm So Sick" (2006)
"Fully Alive" (2006)
"All Around Me" (2007)
"Sorrow" (2008)


Lacey Mosley — vocals
Sameer Bhattacharya — guitar
Jared Hartmann — guitar
Pat Seals — bass
James Culpepper — drums

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