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You can find all the lessons that our instructors have shared from here. (Under Construction! - Need everyone's help to put this together.)

Instructors are listed as alphabetic order.


Adrian Figallo

The Led Zep Groove


This lesson is heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin's, "Moby Dick", and composed based on the guitar style of [Jimmy Page].

Vasoline For The Pilots


This lesson is inspired on one of my all time favorite bands, Stone Temple Pilots. Especifically the song "Vasoline" from their album "Purple". Slowly play the riffs and build up your speed. This is the perfect kind of song for a right hand workout.

Crying Guitar - Lead for Beginners


In this lesson I wanted to create a slow tempo rhythmic blues piece, but this sweet melody just came to me. This is a great starting point to lead playing for beginners. To play this song the right way you need to control your bends and vibratos very well, you must make your guitar sing...cry!

The Doors Style


This lesson is inspired on one of the most powerful and mystic bands in the world, The Doors. Their ever evolving music has inspired countless bands. This is a humble tribute to "Love Me Two Times" from the "People Are Strange" album.

Al Christie

Alberto Catasso

Alejandro Pinero

Aleksander Sukovic

Andrew Cockburn

Attila Voros

Bear Rose

Beginners Corner 12-Strumming & Rhythm


This lesson will focus on your right hand strumming & rhythm.

Ben Niseblat

Ben Higgins

Ben's Land of Legato 5


This lesson introduces a new concept to you. 5 note legato patterns. Their odd pattern means it can be difficult to know how to place them over a beat, but if you watch the spoken video I've explained how I place them over this 4/4 backing. These 5 note patterns are worth the effort because they sound great once you have mastered them.. they sound like the sort of thing Chris Poland would have played in Megadeth.

Ben's Land of Legato 4


This time we're looking at licks that have a Joe Satriani vibe to them. Instead of wide scalar licks, we're using 2 note hammer on/pull off licks and combining it with position shifting to get that Satriani sound.

The most difficult part of these type of licks is shifting your fingers in time. We use the index finger to shift frets and it can be difficult to maintain your control. So this is a great test of timing as well as dexterity. The first half of the lesson begins slowly, introducing you to the shapes and the technique required before we up the tempo and start surfing with the alien.

Ben Howell

Bogdan Rodavic

Carlos Carillo

Chowy Fernandez

Nuno's Blues Style


This lesson is simpler in regards to harmony and has the classic blues cadenza. Nuno┬┤s style involves a lot of hammer-ons from nowhere, which he then mutes by hard-pressing the spot where the strings come out on the bridge using the side of his palm. Try this with simple pentatonic patterns and open strings.

Christian Vidal

Christian's Tapping Etude Major


This lesson will focus on your tapping & hammering.

Conrad Harpham

Cosmin Lupu

Damir Puh

Daniel Realpe

Daniel Robinson

Danilo Capezzuto

David Wallimann

David OToole

Dejan Farkas

Denes Nagy

Delta Blues Style


In this I'll show you a typical Delta Blues style composition. You will be constantly playing the bass notes on the E and A strings while playing the melodies. The lesson is a common 12 bar blues.

- Delta Style Bleus
- Slides
- Bluesy Bends
- Slow Bluesy Licks
- Thrills

Emir Hot

Fabian Schulz

Fernando Culen

GMC Community

Gabriel Leopardi

Gerardo Siere

Harris Sopovic

Henry Dietzel

Hisham Al-Sanea

Hrvoje Maretic

Ian Bushell

Ivan Mihaljevic

Ivan Milenkovic

Arpeggio Workshop Series Level 4


This is the fourth lesson of the series, where we will cover diagonal moves of the previously learned 7th chord arpeggio patterns on the neck. The focus in this lesson is to find and practice diagonal patterns of these 7th chords and to cover them systematically on the fretboard, so you can have better flexibility when using 7th chord arps, and connect at 3 or 4 positions at the time.

Ivan Zecic

Jad Diab

Janos Kallai

Jeff Curtis

Jerry Arcidiacono

Jazz Notes 22-Playing Outside


This lesson is the last one for the Jazz Notes Series.I wrote this solo to show you some ways to play outside the changes. Playing outside is about the use of notes and scales which are not directly related to the background harmony.Of course you need to master "inside" playing before going "outside". You need to understand well how each technique works, otherwise you'll sound like a player who plays a set of random notes through the fretboard.Be sure to master all the previous lessons, especially Jazz Notes 12: Diatonic Improvisation.The chord progression here is the same of Duke Ellington's "It don't mean a thing".Start to play the licks slowly since the tempo at full speed is 180 bpm.I comment each lick to explain the method I've used to sound "outside".

Joe Kataldo

Johan Larsson

Jonathan Burgos

Jose Lassaga

Jose Mena

Juan Cortes

Juan M. Valero

KMC Metal

Kai Muehlenbruch

Kosei Kubota

Kristofer Dahl

Krisztian Lovrek

Kuba Szafran

Kyle Logue

Lale Nikic

Laszlo Boross

Eric Clapton Influences


Here is an Eric Clapton style lesson in which I would like to show you some very melodic and useful solo patterns.The key of this lesson is B minor, but I mainly use the first, second, and fifth mode of a B blues pentatonic scale combined with the minor.

- Slides
- Hammer-ons
- Pull-offs
- Vibrato
- Bends

Lian Gerbino

Luciana Segovia

Lucio Antolini

Take a look at the great AC/DC style series with Lucio Antolini.

AC/DC Complete Style III-Fast Rock


AC/DC Complete Style II-Hard Rock Solo


Maestro Mistheria

Marcus Siepen

Marcus Lavendell

Marius Bob

Marius Pop

Mate Nagy

Mats Hedberg

Mitch Roberts

Muris Varajic

Beginner Solo In D


This is a beginner solo in D by Muris Varajic. It's sort of Rock Ballad feel and the tempo is 70bpm.

Scales used:
- D scale
- D minor scale
- D major pentatonic

- bending
- pre-bending
- hammer-ons
- pull-offs
- tapping
- sweeping
- use of open strings

Nemanja Filipovic

Nick Kellie

Ognjen Protic

Pablo Vazquez

Pavel Denisjuk

Pedja Simovic

Piotr Kaczor

Instrumental Rock


This lesson will focus on improving some of your techniques such as;
- Whammy Bar
- Vibrato
- Bends
- Pinch Harmonics
- Wah Pedal

Ramiro Delforte

Rodrigo Gonzalez


Rousseau Mannan

Russell Cash

Santiago Diaz Garces

Sean Conklin

Sergio Dorado

Sinisa Cekic

Ska Guitar


This lessons will focus on how to play Ska Rhythm.In this Lesson we are playing chords on the first 4 strings only, something that is very common in ska. First of all, you should practice playing barre chords only on the upstrokes, and doing a "rhythmic click" on the downstrokes.

Stephane Lucarelli


Toni Suominen

Trond Vold

Vasilije Vukmirovic

Vinod Saranga

Zsolt Galambos

Metallica "One" Third Solo


This lesson will focus on improving some of your techniques like;

- Tapping
- Tremolo Picking
- Slides
- Hammer-ons
- Pull-offs
- Bluesy Phrasings
- Vibratos