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Here you can see all the songs uploaded from our members.(Under Construction!)

Member/Band names are listed as alphabetic order.



AdamB - Rain Song

AdamB - A Song For Ali

Adrian Figallo

Adrian Figallo - Give It Away(Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover)

Alex Feather

Alex Feather - Monsters Are Here

Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis - Wargasm


Alexiaden93 - Symphony Of The Sands

Alexiaden93 - Original Compositions

Alexiaden93 - Equilux

Alexiaden93 - Tranquil Equilibrium


Animal - Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part II(Pink Floyd Cover)

Animal - Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part I(Pink Floyd Cover)


Antipolitik - Chameleon Child

Antipolitik - Forbidden Love

Antipolitik - You Tell Me

Antipolitik - It's All About You

Antipolitik - Mr. Magician

Antipolitik - I Didn't Know


Artemus - Mariah Gets Mashed


AslanMontaz - Seven Days Of Coma


Athar - Song 1


Audiopaal - Sunshine

Audiopaal - Paalocalypse

Bear Rose

Bear Rose - What Child Is This?

Bear Rose - Perfectly Lonely(John Mayer Cover)

Bear Rose - Auld Lang Syne(The New Year Song)

Bear Rose - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Bogdan Rodovic

Bogdan Radovic(Ljute Papricice) - Hej Fanki

Bogdan Radovic(Ljute Papricice) - Ima Razloga

Bogdan Radovic(Ljute Papricice) - Veruj Mi

Bogdan Radovic(Ljute Papricice) - Nocni Gruv (Zikina Sarenica)

Bogdan Radovic(Ljute Papricice) - Prazni dani (Jutarnji Program RTS1)

Bogdan Radovic(Ljute Papricice) - Plava Silueta (Live at Filoloska)

Bogdan Radovic(Ljute Papricice) - Zelja Za Snom

Brandon Earman

Brandon Earman - Little Wing(SRV Cover)


Caelumamittendum - Test

Caelumamittendum - Stine

Citizens Failure(Virtual Band)

Citizens Failure(Virtual Band) - You Give Love A Bad Name(Bon Jovi Cover)


Coffeeman - Modern Blues Improvisation

Coffeeman's Songs


Cornelius - Lips Of An Angel


Crazy_Diamond - No Time Blues


Eat-Sleep-andJam - World Without You


Emgie - Fur Elise


Empan - Feather theme Piano Cover(From Forrest Gump)


Falcon_itself - Master of Puppets(Metallica Cover)


Fingerspasm - Holy Diver(Dio cover)


Fran - Scream(Misfits Cover)

Fran - The Hell Song(Sum 41 Cover)

Fran - Smell Like Teen Spirit(Nirvana Cover)

Fran - Supersonic(Oasis Cover)


Frankster - Instrumental Song


Fused - It Started With Mu

Fused - Long Ago

Fused - Room 12-6

Fused - Scorpion

Fused - Fugue In Fused Minor

Fused - 12 String Unplugged

Fused - Burn

Fused - Fault Line


Gilmore - Forgotten Part II(Joe Satriani Cover)

Gilmore - D.T(AC/DC Cover)

Gilmore - Scuttle Buttin(Stevie Ray Vaughan Cover)


Gitarrero - 9 to 5

GMC Collaborations

David Wallimann - Modes Collaboration

David Wallimann - Lydian Collaboration

Andrew Cockburn - Pentatonic Rock Collaboration

Zen & Sollesnes - Symphony Of Destruction(Megadeth Cover)

Chris Evans, Uncleskillet & Andrew Cockburn - Santa

Kristofer Dahl, Lian Gerbino, Luciana Segovia & Gabriel Leopardi - Future Is Now

Daniel Realpe - Diabolic Collab

Daniel Realpe - Heavy Static Metal Collab

Gabriel Leopardi - Buckethead Style Collab

Go For Broke(Virtual Band)

Go For Broke(Virtual Band) - Breaking The Law(Judas Priest Cover)

Go For Broke(Virtual Band) - The Trooper(Iron Maiden Cover)

Go For Broke(Virtual Band) - Buck Rogers(Feeder Cover)

Go For Broke(Virtual Band) - All The Time


Guitarn00b - Never Let Go

Guitarn00b - Empty Inside

Guitarn00b - One Step At A Time

Guitarn00b - Moving Across The Line

Guitarn00b - Damned Forever

Guitarn00b - Fuckin' Liar

Guitarn00b - End Of Time

Guitarn00b - Angels With No Wings

Guitarn00b - Won't Die For You

Guitarn00b - Devil On The Phone

Guitarn00b - Born Long Ago

Guitarn00b - Piece Of Mind

Guitarn00b - Catcher In The Rye

Guitarn00b - We Are Not God

Guitarn00b - Love Is No Option

Guitarn00b - World Chaos


ItsMe - Clublove

Jakub Luptovec

Jakub Luptovec - Waiting


JamesT - No Loves Die


Jeanv - Talk To Me(Yodelice Cover)

Jeanv - Tchi Cum Bah

Johny Guitar

Johny Guitar - The Loner(Gary Moore Cover)


Jstcrsn - Never Look Away

Jstcrsn - You Make Me Fly

Jstcrsn - Day 41


Keep_Rocking - For Whom The Bell Tolls(Metallica Cover)

Kristofer Dahl

Kristofer Dahl - Brutal Bump

Kristofer Dahl - Red Shot

Kristofer Dahl - Mittwoch

Kristofer Dahl - A Loner


Lcsdds - On the way(Jach Thammarat Cover)


Maharzan - I'm Alright(JerryC Cover)
Maharzan - Until We Say Goodbye

Men In Blues(Virtual Band)

Men In Blues(Virtual Band) - Another Brick in the Wall(Pink Floyd Cover)


Mhskeide - Morning Star(Vinnie Moore Cover)

Mhskeide - The Mob Goes Wild(Clutch Cover)


Nielzsz - Wonderfall Cover


OrganizedConfusion - Money(Pink Floyd Cover)


Ozrob - Till My Breath Fails

Ozrob - March of The Mechanoids

Ozrob - Dreams Of Darkness

Ozrob - Alliance Of Fire

Ozrob - Desert Storming(Industrial)

Ozrob - Desert Storming(Orchestral)

Ozrob - Mother I Go To War

Ozrob - Fear Inc

Ozrob - Rammsting

Ozrob - Rammset

Ozrob - Industrial Darkness

Ozrob - Digital Darkness

Ozrob - Fire Of Dissent

Ozrob - Nailing Tool

Ozrob - Rising Darkness

Ozrob - Tribal Streets

Ozrob - This Blue Planet

Ozrob - The Sorrow Of Mount Damavand

Ozrob - It Breeds Beneath

Ozrob - Sorrow Of My Dream

Ozrob - Veritas Deus

Ozrob - Tomorrows Love

Ozrob - Axe In The Blender

Ozrob - Rise Of The Lycans

Patrik Jezierski

Patrik Jezierski - LA Acoustic(Guthrie Govan Cover)


Power_Arctica - Maximum Speed

Power_Arctica - Evil To The Bone

Power_Arctica - Open Your Heart(Europe Cover)

Power_Arctica - Mama I'm Coming Home(Ozzy Osbourne Cover)

Power_Arctica - The Only One

Power_Arctica - Ballad

Power_Arctica - Mujer Amante(Rata Blanca Cover)

Power_Arctica - Forever And One(Helloween Cover)

Project Quadrium

Project Quadrium(Virtual Band) - Temporal Narcosis


Quadrium - Canon Rock Acoustic

Rated Htr

Rated Htr - Time Is Running Out(Muse Cover)


RobK87 - Fives(Guthrie Govan Cover)

RobK87 - If I Could Fly(Joe Satriani Cover)


Sentia - Falling Dream

Sentia - Moon

Sentia - Effervesce


Sevenfx - Finally Moving(Pretty Lights Cover)


Siggum - Ocd


Sollesnes - My Curse(Killswitch Engage Cover)

Sollesnes - Evolutionary Sleeper(Cynic Cover)

Sollesnes - Night Of Nights(Touhou)

Sollesnes - Beautiful Language(Kiko Loureiro Cover)


Somecrazyguy09 - I'm Alright(Neil Zaza Cover)

Somecrazyguy09 - Canon Rock(JerryC Cover)


Staffy - Love Will Conquer All

Staffy - Sheesh

Staffy - Texas

Staffy - Don't Believe A Word

Staffy - Impressions

Staffy - Lonely Woman

Staffy - Yesterdays(Jerome Kern Cover)

Staffy - I Got You

Staffy - Dust My Broom

Staffy - Red House

Staffy - Loneliness Blues

Staffy - Pre Release(Free CD)

Staffy - Stop

Staffy - Hoochie

Staffy - All Along The Watchtower(Jimi Hendrix Cover)


Steve25 - Output


Stringhammer - Farewell Ballad(Zakk Wylde Cover)

Stringhammer- Feladat Braveheart

Stringhammer - Hungarian Rhapsody No II(Franz Liszt Cover)


Superize - Carry On(Insiania Cover)

Superize - Pure(Most Principium Est Cover)

Superize - White Storm(Ensiferum Cover)

Superize - Running Wild(Under Jolly Roger Cover)

Superize - Sunao Ni Naretara(Marty Friedman Cover)

Superize - Brainwashed(Iced Earth Cover)

Superize - Last Laugh(Iced Earth Cover)

Superize - Mark Of The Triangle(Evergrey Cover)

Superize - Dying In Your Arms(Trivium Cover)

Superize - Coat Of Arms(Sabaton Cover)

Superize - Ghost Division(Sabaton Cover)

Superize - Village Of Dwarves(Rhapsody Cover)

Superize - Bed Of Razors(Children Of Bodom Cover)

Superize - Bare Grace Misery(Nightwish Cover)

Superize - Prophecy(Holyhell Cover)


Thefireball - A Father's Love

Thefireball - Be Wary of Evil

Thefireball - Monster(Skillet Cover)

Thefireball - Transillumination

Thefireball - The Star Spangled Banner

Thefireball - Happy Birthday

Thefireball - Determination

Thefireball - Canon Rock 2011

The Uncreator

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Pathways Of Evolution, Event 1 - Machine

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Contact

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Oceans Of Knowledge

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Parallel Infinities 5:The Waves As They Crash Against The Stars

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Parallel Infinities 4:Coalescing Particles

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Parallel Infinities 3:Synchroneurobonding

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Parallel Infinities 2:Swarming The Sun

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Terminal Skies

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Revelation Space

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - A Grand Sentience, Part 1: Machine

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Orcas In The Exosphere

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Contact

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - The Cosmonaut's Mind

The Uncreator(Lascaille's Shroud) - Terminal Skies

The Uncreator - Chasm

The Uncreator - The Jovian's Kiss

The Uncreator - Point Of Origin

The Uncreator - Heavy Rain

The Uncreator - Diamond Dog

The Uncreator - Nostalgia For Infinity

The Uncreator - Ishtar Terra

The Uncreator - Chasm

The Uncreator - Self Aware

The Uncreator - Drift Of Light

The Uncreator - Pair Annihilation

The Uncreator - Revelation Space:A Persona Projection

The Uncreator - Dragon

The Uncreator - My Shadow, Cast Upon The Sun


Thilo - Emotive Ballad


Tolek(The Anticrastinators) - Sea

Tolek - Like A Hobo(Charlie Winston)

Trond Vold

Trond Vold ft. Audiopaal - The Final Countdown(Europe Cover)

Trond Vold - The Still Untitled One

Trond Vold - The Senseless

Trond Vold - Deluded

Trond Vold - Damned And Delirius

Trond Vold - Ladida

Trond Vold - The Strong And The Weak

Trond Vold - The Misarchist

Trond Vold - A Simple Rhyme

Trond Vold - Follow Me To The End Of The Universe

Trond Vold - To The Start Of A New Universe

Trond Vold - Reborn Stars And Constellations

Trond Vold - Jauda

Trond Vold - Silence Grows

Trond Vold - Moonlight Sonata

Trond vold - El Grandioso Spastico Fantastico

Trond Vold - Past Tense

Trond Vold - Ave The Metal-Maria

Trond Vold - Random Song

Trond Vold - Random Song 2

Trond Vold - The Neurotic Unknown

Trond Vold - Test

Trond Vold - 1

Trond Vold - Everlight

Trond Vold - Shifting

Trond Vold - A Quiet Moment

Trond Vold - Shadow Race

Trond Vold - Uncharted Territories

Trond Vold - Intro

Trond Vold - Carry On My Wayward Son(Kansas Cover)

Trond Vold - Glass

Trond Vold - I Forgive

Trond Vold - Past Sins

Trond Vold - Shun


TylerT - Next

TylerT - Song 1

TylerT - Song 2

TylerT - New Millennium Cyanide Christ(Meshuggah Cover)

TylerT - Nameless


Ulrik - Within Your Soul


UncleSkillet - The Loner(Gary Moore Cover)

UncleSkillet - I Wish I Could Fly

Uriah Heap(Virtual Band)

Uriah Heap(Virtual Band) - Something or Nothing

Valley Soldiers(Virtual Band)

Valley Soldiers(Virtual Band) - Simple Song


VictorUK - When The Water Breaks

VictorUK - Night Of Knights(Touhou)

VictorUK - Presto Vivace(Yngwie Malmsteen Cover)

VictorUK - Damage Control(John Petrucci Cover)


Weepee - Birth

Weepee - Nature


Zen - My Last Serenade(Killswitch Engage Cover)

Zen - Desperate Cry(Sepultera Cover)

Zen - Run To The Hills(Iron Maiden Cover)

Zen ft. Muris Varajic - Wasted Years(Iron Maiden Cover)

Zen - She Wolf(Megadeth Cover)


Zynex - Symphonie 1