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Gabriel Leopardi
Gabriel Leopardi


Intensive Technique Course by Gabriel Leopardi

Hey guys! From today we will start a course to developed our technique with very intensive guitar exercises. If you follow my next video chat you will be able to create a diary routine that is very effective to improve your playing. One of the most important thing for a successful routine is a good warming up. In this first video chat I will share some Warming up exercises that we will also use to train our endurance.

We will start stretching our arms, hands and finger. This is very important because we must start our routine relaxed and with out muscles stretched. I learnt this exercises from John Petrucci's Rock Discipline Video.

STRETCHING (check out the different movements in the video chat)

And now the exercises.

EXERCISE FOR WARMING UP This is a very good exercise to start moving your fingers before an intensive routine. We will play it in every group of strings.

WARMING UP & ENDURANCE EXERCISES: This exercises must be played as a loop as long as you can avoiding hurting your hands or muscles. My guitar teacher Charly Vega (r.i.p.) shared this exercises with me 14 years ago and I still continue using them for warming and and fingers training.

Practice this exercises every day for at least one hour diving the minutes to play each one the same amount of time. Don’t hurt yourself!

Guitar Pro Files

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