Jackson Js-30 Dkt Dinky Review

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Jackson Js-30 Dkt Dinky
Jackson Js-30 Dkt Dinky



Original author: Smikey2006

Weapon: Guitar

Make: Jackson

Model: JS-30

Price: $500canadian


Ive decided to write my first gear review to a guitar near and dear to my heart, the Jackson Js-30DKT Dinky. I bought this guitar from my local Bellaire music for $500canadian in a kit complete with headphone amp, tuner, stand and strap The Information i include below is off of the Jackson Website and partly my personal opinion from using it ( it was my second guitar )


Entry Level Guitar
Made of Indian Cedro with Maple Veneers and Maple Neck with a rosewood fingerboard.
Through Body Jt Adjustable Bridge
Duel Jackson High Output Humbuckers
1 Die-cast Tuner Nob and 1 Die-cast Master Volume Nob
24 Jumbo frets


Very metal very sharp edges while remaining sleak and traditional. Has an Inverse Jackson Head ( points up not down) Availible in many colours (Black,Dark metallic red, Dark metallic Blue, gun metal grey, transparent black and transparent Blue) Chrome Hardware, basic fret inlays. Looks great, fine for gigging, definatly a metal looking guitar, it would be hard to pass it off for anything else, very traditional Jackson Style, thicker body, pritty heavy, nice skinny neck.


Sounds GREAT! 3 pickup settings, neck, both or bridge. 1 master tone and 1 master volume make changing the tone on the guitar very easy but very limited, pedals are needed or an amp with lots of toner changers in order to get it right. Great for metal, somewhat twangy on the higher strings but lower strings sound great. Factory setup is great but will probably need to be adjusted ( just the bridge) after a few tunings, in order to reduce that mean little sound of the vibrating string touching the end of the pickups and fretbord.

Overall Opinion

LOVE IT, great beginner guitar, Very gigable, stands up well and has a tone that stands up even better, ive had it for almost 2 years and havn't bee able to find a scratch on it! ( "THERES ONE" yells my bassist from behind me.) Ive got it in black and absolutly love the feel the sound, the simplicity the look, for an entry level guitar i have the highest opinion of this git