John Mayer - Inside Wants Out Review

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John Mayer - Inside Wants Out
John Mayer - Inside Wants Out


General Information

Original Author: Lithuanian

Artist: John Mayer

Release Date: 1999

Label: Sony

Genres: Acoustic Pop/Rock


1. Back to You
2. No Such Thing
3. My Stupid Mouth
4. Neon
5. Victoria
6. Love Soon
7. Comfortable
8. Quiet

About the album: Inside Wants Out is a debut album by John Mayer. It was self-released with the help of local Atlanta producer and engineer Glenn Matullo. This album led Mayer to his major label record deal with Columbia Records.


This album was released when John Mayer was a young struggling musician trying to make a name for himself. The only 2 songs of the 8 song EP are recorded with a band: "Back To You" and "Comfortable". The remaining 6 songs contain nothing more but Johns guitar and his voice, which is a combination for my ears. This album is great to listen to when you just want to relax after a hard day at work.

Guitar work

There are some very neat acoustic guitar parts in "Victoria". Also some great rhythm guitar on "No Such Thing Thing", "My Stupid Mouth", "Love Soon". But theres almost all there is to it. Oh. There is a solo in "Back To You". Not so bluesy. Not so rocky eather. Quite weak in my opinion.


As always, John nails this part. The singing and the guitar work blends PERFECTLY. Especially in "Victoria". It gives me chills when I listen to the chorus. John also sounds very young in this album. He was 21-22 years old during the making of this EP.

Overall Impression

An 8 is the least I gave to a John Mayer album so far. It is mainly because I didnt like the guitar parts of this album very much. Though they sound good (and, as I said, GREAT in Victoria) and blend perfectly with his voice, I would not recommend my guitarist friends to listen to this album just for the guitar parts, like I would for Continuum or The Village Sessions. Mainly because John doesnt offer us much to listen to. There are almost no solos, only some boring arpeggios and chords. I would recommend everyone to listen to "Victoria" and "Neon". These are the best songs of the album in my opinoon. I would not recommend buying this album unless you are a John Mayer fan.