Journal 2008-12-30 Virtual Bands Live!

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Virtual Bands go Live!
Virtual Bands go Live!

Have a great time and improve your skills joining a GMC Virtual Band!

Virtual Bands Coordinator Skennington has just redesigned the whole concept and is currently looking for members & band leaders alike. Choose your playing level, and jump in the virtual bands today!

Here's a extract from Skennington's recent forum thread:

The new format will consist of three bands:


Each month we will have an open sign-up for Band Leaders for each Band, then, a Leader will be picked at random.

Members can sign up under there respective level (please be honest here) and a group of 5 will be randomly picked. This will be the group for that month. At this point, it will be up to the group to decide on what they want to do. We hope that this will open up more opportunity for other members to join in.

"Band Leaders" will be responsible for organizing their bands, setting "record by dates" etc (with help if needed of course), They will also need recording facilities/software etc a reasonable knowledge of recording would be good to either do final mixes for your group or help other members to do it, also to set up drum tracks and bass backing if necessary and will need to communicate with the band members over songs, song parts etc. A thread will be set up for each band, that can be used to discuss song parts and what not. Keep in mind that being the leader will require a little more work on your part.

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