Journal 2009-01-21 GuitarWiki gets Videos & Portal Team

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New Features
New Features

Guitar Wiki feels better!

Indeed it does!, the new year brings loads of exciting stuff our way.
Just recently, the sought after embedded video feature has been implemented on our wiki. This will provide solid ground for video reviews, clips from your favourite bands, GMC takes on lessons, Student Instructor updates, etc.

But it doesn't stop there!, we also have a brand new Portal Team working on several aspects of our wiki. These are the selected members and their respective areas of responsibility:

Matt23: Theory & Techniques portals
OrganisedConfusion: Gear & Genres portals
Kaznie_NL: Bands & Guitarist portals

Couple that with the other portals, GMC Journal and a brand new WCP Theory branch, there's plenty here for everyone! Jump in! Share your knowledge and ideas with thousands out there user posted image