Journal 2009-04-18 Instructor's Week: Ivan Milenkovic

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Instructor's Week: Ivan Milenkovic

This is a very special week at GMC, for the second time in our history, we are enjoying a new Instructor's Week featuring no other than Mr Ivan Milenkovic, our personal "Blues-Meister" user posted image, who will be holding loads of interactive activities for all members to enjoy and develop their skills.

So, what are these activities yo might be wondering! Let's see what Ivan himself has to say about it :)

Forum Thread


Ivan Comments about his Week

For this week I have prepared for you:


4 cool blues lessons for you to check out!

- "Rhythm & Slide - Old School Blues Style"
- "Blues Solo - In the Style of the 3 Kings"
- "Blues Solo - SRV had a little Strat"
- "Blues Rhythm - Developing the 12-bar Blues Frame"

- "Choose your favorite bluesman and play like him" audio/video collab! Sign up, choose your favorite blues legened/blues player and try to play like him! You can post only audio or video+audio it's up to you. This should be lot of fun, and it will help you to find out more about blues soloing. I will help as much as possible and try to explain about music theory, timing and phrasing concepts that work good with the blues.

- "Make A Blues Song" Competition! Sign up, download the simple drum&bass track that I've made and make a blues song out of it! Be creative, record guitars, voice, blues harp or anything that crosses your mind! The song that sounds the best will be a winner, and the first three winners will win cool prizes!

- Small daily videos with blues licks that every player should know! (guitar pro included for every lick )


- Have a problem with your playing? Record the issue that you have, send it over to me, and you will get a video response ASAP to help you overcome it. This feature already available on my board, but this week, I will respond extra fast!

All the activities will be presented in the appropriate boards. I will be on the forum even more this week, and try to write more gear reviews, participate in the chat and other important GMC activities.

That's it for now, join me this week from 18th-26th or April to learn and develop our blues skills!

Regards, Ivan Milenkovic - GMC Instructor


4 cool blues lessons for you to check out!

- Rhythm & Slide - Old School Blues Style
- Blues Solo - In the Style of the 3 Kings
- Blues Solo - SRV had a little Strat
- Blues Rhythm - Developing the 12-bar Blues Frame

Interview with Ivan

Andrew Cockburn interviews Ivan Milenkovic!

Daily Blues Licks

Saturday Lick

Sunday Lick

Monday Lick

Tuesday Lick

Wednesday Lick

Thursday Lick

Friday Lick

Saturday Lick


You can find Ivan's Final Mix & Comments Thread Here.

Collab Summary:

Type of Collab: Audio
Topic: Choose one favorite blues or blues influenced guitar player and play like him
Participants: 7
Final Mix Length: 4m46s

Seven members took part in this collab, where the idea was to resemble their favourite blues guitarist style, listen to the Final Mix!


Ivan's week blues song competition results are here!

And the winners are....

You can check all the entries at the competition sign-up thread here.

Read what Ivan has to say about it at the Forum thread!