Journal 2009-05-03 May arrives with new finished Collabs !

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May arrives with new finished Collabs !

As usual in the first days of the month, our instructors deliver new finished collaborations from our members, and May comes packed with awesome takes & mixes.

  • David Wallimann's Soul collaboration - 13 participants. Check this one out, video comment's from David on each entry.
  • Ramiro Delforte's Exotic Scales collab - 5 participants, you can listen to it here
  • Pedja Simovic's Time Feel collab, with 21 participants. A huge collab full of tasty licks, check the final mix here
  • Emir Hot's Satriani Style Groove, with 14 participants. Emir has just brought us the final mix for all to enjoy!

Plus one last minute addition!

  • Joe Kataldo's Drop Rock Collab - 10 participants, a D Dorian collab based on the D minor Pentatonic - D Dorian (C Major Scale) & D Melodic Minor, which you can listen to here.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the Collaborations Forum if you wish to take part on the next ones & be updated on the forecoming projects!