Journal 2009-06-09 June Challenges are ready!

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June Challenges ready!

Community Coordinator Chris Evans has just set up June's Challenges back!

This month we have three awesome lessons by Joe Kataldo and Piotr Kaczor to choose from:

Beginners Challenge

I got rhythm guitar - arpeggiated Chords 2 By joe Kataldo

Intermediate Challenge

Two notes per string Arpeggios lesson by Joe Kataldo

Advanced Challenge

Move your little finger by Piotr Kaczor

Deadline: 30th June

Whether you are a beginner or a guitar hero, you shall find something interesting in there, so get your axe now and have a good time :)

Remember that you can also submit your take to be graded as part of the REC program!. Check our REC forum if you don't know what that is, because you are missing something BIG!