Journal 2009-06-18 Guitar Master Competition!

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Guitar Master Competition!

Competitions Coordinator AudioPaal has just announced a brand new GMC competition packed with awesome prizes!

Guitar Master competition is similar in nature to Guitar Idol, the objective of this competition is to record an original full song, with its backing and guitar solos. Both audio and video takes are allowed, though video is encouraged.

Let's take a look at the awesome prizes!

1st prize: VOX TONELAB ST (Multieffect)

2nd prize: BOSS DS-1


AudioPaal explains the details:

In the 4 weeks the competition lasts you'll have to make/record a full song with backing.
Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Solo Guitar and other instruments if you feel the backing needs it. No video necessary, but a cool touch if you choose to make one. This competition will be decided by an open poll, so all GMC members can vote. So the better the quality of the recording, playing and composition, the better are your chances!

Voting will consist of three choices:

  • Best song/composition (songwriting)
  • Best technique/playing
  • Best recording/mix

We will start a thread for people who want to enter - you should post your recordings there!
If some of you make videos as well, post these on youtube and embed the video in the upload thread!
If you don't have a Youtube account... ... ...create one


1. The recording MUST be an original composition!
2. All contestants must have a recording/video uploaded within the length of the competition.
3. Recordings should be as long as the song. If it's shorter it will sound unfinished
4. Final winners will be chosen by an open GMC poll.
5. All entries must be finished by July 20th, voting will be for one week after that date.
6. No Cash or alternative prizes will be offered!
7. In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker activity will be employed to break the deadlock.

Shall you have any doubts or comments to make, join the Forum Thread!