Journal 2009-06-28 GMC RSS Feeds Ready!

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GMC RSS Feeds Ready!

GMC's development team has sure been bussy this month!
Kristofer Dahl just announced on our forums that from now on we have a GMC Video lesson feed ready, so that none of us misses a single lesson!

Now, some of you might be wondering, what's a RSS feed? It's a way to check all the recent changes in your favourite sites, which then appear as a list, so that you know what has changed without having to browse the actual site. Just look for the icon on the right somewhere in your browser's menus, and click on it! (Look for it while you are on the forums or GMC main page!). There' more to it than that, so for in-depth info regarding the matter read here

Though, to be honest, you should keep checking GMC every single day. We all know there's so much more going on in our community than just the lessons, and we don't want to miss a thing! user posted image user posted image