Journal 2009-07-04 Some news to start the month!

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Zsolt Galambos
Zsolt Galambos

Some news to start the month!

July is here and it smells like summer!

And new events are taking place at GMC, for starters, we have a new GMC Studio based in Budapest, Hungary, which will be run by no other than our excellent instructor Zsolt Galambos.

This is not the first GMC oriented studio, as we have been enjoying great lessons from Gabe's Leopardi's GMC Coordination Studio, based in Argentina, for quite some time now. GMC is growing fast, and the lesson quality never ceases to amaze us user posted image

We also have a new instructor in the house, Ivan Cezik, from Croatia joins the family and promises to bring loads of feeling into his lessons.
Check this video and see what we he is capable of!

Last, but not least, we have some new collabs: Ivan Milenkovic brings us his latest collab, "Funky Fusion", in which 6 members participated to put together this Final Mix.

On top of that, member Sted just finished assembling his very own nine participant collab, focused on the great guitar legend SRV. Check it out here. Enjoy!