Journal 2009-07-13 GMC Youngest Addition... Kris & Maria's baby girl!

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Welcome Lea!
Welcome Lea!

GMC's Youngest Member

GMC has a very special new member, for several reasons! First of all, because she is a really small one!, and even more, this member still doesn't know what a guitar is! She is actually smaller than a mandolin! How can this be?!

And what's more, this member is somewhat of a founding member too!

Ok, enough riddles user posted image, you might have probably guessed by now: we are talking about Kris & Maria's new born baby girl! Lea! What an awesome surprise for us all when we read a couple days ago about it in our forums!

We all wish you the best guys, it sure was thrilling to read the message and see the pictures. She sure has some amazing, rocking parents user posted image Congrats!