Journal 2009-07-14 New GMC Instructor, Laszlo Boross

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New GMC Instructor, Laszlo Boross

A few days ago we announced the beginning of a new GMC studio based in Budapest. Today we are proud to announce that a new instructor has just joined GMC, Laszlo Boross, from Hungary, who will be recording along with Zsolt Galambos.

Here's a video so you can check his technique & some chops!

You can watch some more neoclassical sweep picking licks in his first GMC lesson.

And just a small reminder about our latest finished collabs!:

Ivan Milenkovic is always leading interesting collabs for our members, his latest one, called Funky Fusion, gathered 6 members who played over a tasty backing in the key of A, to come up with this nice Final mix.
If you feel inspired and wish to play a few licks like the GMCers just did, grab the backing! Possible scales to use: A minor pentatonic, A dorian, A minor, A mixolydian.

Instructor Santiago Diaz Garces has been bussy lately too, and has just shared with us his Hard Rock collab, in which 12 members took part to create solos over a C major scale, combining it the relative pentatonic, Am.

That's it for now, stay tuned to the GMC Journal! user posted image