Journal 2009-07-30 Guitar Master Competition - Voting!

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Guitar Master Competition - Voting!

Our latest competition proves that our members aren't only great guitarists but also mighty composers, just listen to some of the entries of Guitar Master, which you can download here.

There's plenty to choose from: metal, melodic, shred, blues, rock... and we must admit that voting is really hard with so many awesome tracks in there. Hats off for all of you guys: Bladzerok, Deleted, Dexxter, Empantheboy, Facjata, Haakond, Kaznie_NL, Maharzan, Marc_Maiden, Matt23, Rudstar, Sami, Siggum, Staffy, Sted, The Uncreator, Tjchep, Tolek, Tomi & TylerT , you all did an awesome job.

So, enjoy the listening & get to the voting thread to reward these great tunes with your votes!