Journal 2009-08-16 Maiden Collab & New Board!

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Up the Irons!
Up the Irons!

Maiden Collab & New Board!

Iron Maiden has many followers here at GMC!. Instructor Gabriel Leopardi just led a collab based on their distinctive sound and the result is classic heavy metal mix which sounds delightful & serves as a small tribute to such legendary band!. The objective was to recreate Maiden's sound like Gabriel did on his Maiden Masterclass lesson.

Seven participants took part, listen to their riffing & solos in this metal flavoured final mix. You can also try your own ideas over the backing they used.

Changing subject now, we all know GMC has grown a lot over the past year with several programs such as REC & MTP which require the use of video/web cams. Well, we've got some good news! we have a new Video Recording forum going on where you'll find beginner tips, tutorials & a compilation of useful threads about recording gear & programs widely used by GMCers. Still have any doubts? Just ask! user posted image