Journal 2009-09-02 New Metronome & Collabs too!

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New Metronome & Collabs too!

A popular demand from our members is here: GMC's metronome gets a big boost and now can handle any metronome speed you may need (between 30-230 bpm).

This metronome can be found in any guitar lesson right there at the botton near the volume controls. Check it out!

On different matters, our members have recently produced some interesting collabs, let's take a look:

  • LA Boogie & Crossfire Collabs: Another classic instructor in our collabs section, Ivan Milenkovic, just led two different groups of GMCers to produce some interesting mixes based on funk/blues in the style of SRV (crossfire) & also some nice boogie-like mixture between Billy Idol and The Doors (LA Boogie). With a total of 14 taking part the final tracks are definitely worth a listen, get them here (Crossfire) & here (LA Boogie).