Journal 2009-09-05 Wiki Writers Competition Reissue!

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Get writing!
Get writing!

Wiki Writers Competition Reissue!

We are happy to announce that, from this moment, a "classic" competition returns to GMC: "Return of the Wiki-Writers" will be running until the end of October!

As many of you already know, this competition is based on our Guitar-Wiki and aims to create lots of new entries, so get your keyboards ready and share your articles with us!

These are the awesome prizes at stake :)

1st Prize: Vox Tonelab ST

2nd Prize: Fender Champion 600

3rd Prize: Line 6 PocketPOD Express

The rules and operation are as follows:

1. Each entrant can submit as many articles as he or she wants

2. When your article is complete, start a thread on the Wiki Writers board with a title like "WikiWriters Entry : ". Include a link to the article in the text of the first post

3. These threads can be used by others to discuss your article (that's always the fun part!)

4. Articles entered on the WikiWriters board will be judged by the seniors/mods, and given a grade between 1 and 8

5. An article that scores less than 3 won't be considered a valid entry and won't contribute towards your competition score

6. Since we are after quality as well as quantity, each article may by request be regraded one time. If you have worked to improve your article, you may request a regrade by starting a new thread for the article and marking it "WikiWriters Regrade : and again include a link inthe text of the first post. If your grade is improved, the additional points will be added to your overall competition score.

7. You may elect to improve existing Wiki articles, in which case a couple of additional points apply:
- Make sure you call out the fact that you are improving an existing article make your thread read WikiWriters Improvement:
- The mark you will get will be treated as a regrade - e.g. you will only get points for the improvement not the whole article. We can use Wiki facilities to see excatly what you have changed and how much you have added so that part is all above board and easy to see.

8. We will have a leaderboard in the Wiki so people can keep track of how their competition is doing, and make further efforts to improve their own score

9.Articles that duplicate entries already in the Wiki will be disqualified

10.Entries can be on any guitar related subject - Gear, Players, Bands, Theory, GMC etc!, take a look at our Portals & Wiki Projects to find a source of inspiration!

11.Absolutely no copyright violations or plagiarism will be tolerated - any evidence of this and the perpetrator will be disqualified (we have ways to check)

12.The Judges Decision is Final

13.No Cash or alternative prizes will be offered

14.In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker activity will be emplyed to break the deadlock.

15.The competition ends October 31st at midnight (Central European Time)

Remember that, on top of the competition prizes, 5 quality articles will qualify you for a WikiWriters badge! user posted image
Feel free to ask any doubts in our forum thread