Journal 2009-09-12 Most Valued Contributers - New Forum Rank!

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Most Valued Contributers - New Forum Rank!

A new GMC rank has just seen the light, MVPs will soon populate our forums, but what are these MVPs, you might be asking yourself?

Moderation Policy Director Andrew Cockburn has just explained in our boards all you need to know about this brand new feature and these are some of the things he unveiled:

  • MVCs will be decided by a popular vote on the forum, based on nominations in a nomination thread (we'll use the existing Senior nomination thread for the first vote or two).
  • As an MVC, you will get free GMC membership on a rolling 3 month basis - we will just check that you are still as active every 3 months before renewing your membership, so as long as you stay a top contributer, GMC will be free for life!
  • You will also get a special MVC badge (similar to the Senior badges)

So, what is the difference between a Senior and an MVC? Apart from the selection method, in Seniors we are looking for something a little extra.

  • An MVC will be very active and answer questions in the forum and give great advice, help others out.
  • A Senior we would want to be as active as an MVC but also be proactive and maybe come up with some new ideas for GMC, help start a new program (for instance, Chris Evans became a Senior for his activities around virtual bands).

Pretty interesting!, get to the forum announcement thread to learn more & share your opinion with us!