Journal 2009-10-02 New GMC Badges

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New GMC Badges

Our forum badges get a new design!

Have you noticed new shiny eye-catching badges floating around our boards? Just yesterday Kristofer Dahl uncovered the new badge designs that have already gone live. And we have to say they are looking good!

So farewell old badges!, these are the new designs from now on!:

Image:staffbadge.jpg GMC Staff: Makes site Admins & Instructors easy to spot!

Image:seniorbadge.jpg Senior Badge: Good ol' Seniors are always there to lend you a hand!

Image:wikibadge.jpg GMC Wiki:ers! Now, who are these people? Just kidding! We all love their articles & hard working spirit :)

Image:mvcbadge.jpg Most Valued Contributers: Cool guys that make our forums the best on the net!

You can become part of these ranks too!, just stick around, enjoy our boards and learn a LOT in the process user posted image

If you wish to learn more about them, and many other helpful people around, take a look at our Oganization Charts!